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PylonFC proposed Archaeology updates:

We had these posted for a year now in our minigames d&d fc posts, but maybe here they will be read and considered :) . Anything to add that keep the skill balanced?

Pylon and rex roar count-down timer in icon (much like the aura or summoned familiar count-down in buff icons)
< Thanks Jagex for doing this :)

Add a small fixed rate %/minute increase to Pylon and Rex so that there are at least two or three guaranteed activations per day now that there are fewer players excavating. 0.1%/minute should do it. Alternatively, make it 1 hour long.

Archaeology Auras, e.g. to improve focus, precision, extend sprite time

Pylon Meister and Roar Master titles for contributing 1000+ batteries or fragments as achievement

QuickChat related to Pylon and Rex Roar. "Pylon is active", "Pylon just activated" and Osseous Rex equivalents, Spear tip and Staff pieces count.

Promote cosmic accumulator to a tool and allow it to be added to the toolbelt

Make recipe fragments and lore, drop from caches in Orthen digsite

Add something unique to Infernal Forge and Everlight to make it profitable for players to come back. Kharid-Et has staff pieces, Stormguard has blueprints, Warforge has Spear, Orthen has recipes.

Make the Orthen collector rewards more interesting for those whose camp is complete and wont need the resource packs.

Add recipes to the list when surveying the Excavation spots.

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Create some longer term value for recipes from Orthen digsites, given that the recipes are tradable and everyone only ever needs one. Why not trade for materials with Sharrigan?

Add an Archaeology boost under the spicy stews (

Allow repaired artefacts to be noted to make it easier to hand in multiple collections for higher level players

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Additional contributions from this thread:

Add all option to Pylon and Rex to "add all"

Skillcape or Elite outfit ability to study tomes without having to go to the desk

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Orthen potion recipes should be changed to follow the same method as the codex pages from the agility course or the Howl's workshop pages. Right now it's incredibly rare to even get a fragment (I think it's average like 40 collections per full recipe in my experience), multiply the odds by like 200 and make it take like 600 fragments to complete a recipe (say 500 for an untradeable one or 750 for a tradeable one), then make them all just drop at every Orthen excavation site. It reduces variance (ie moves the reward more to hard work rather than to dumb luck) and allows you to actually make some progress every time you go excavate a couple of artefacts there. Also saves bank space as you don't have to store all these different fragment pieces in separate slots in the bank.

I agree with most of your points, I just don't think 11 is much of an issue. The recipe fragments are rare enough to keep demand, you also see this with like Greater ability codex or Double surge codex for instance. The potions just need to be a bit better to make them a bit more desirable. And base camp materials aren't that worth it especially seeing as you can get the guys to just auto-gather them and they're about as valuable as Ecto-Tokens once you've fully upgraded the base camp

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1. they said working on it, they have also said its not as simple as it seems

2. technically this was suppose to be a bonus made by players. so idk

3. im sure something will happen eventually

4. eh

5. i wouldnt mind a tip and staff etc count, technically ive had a fair few, but im sure they wont count on the qc when they come out

6. kind of makes sense i guess

7. caches nah, i think they arent already due to levels etc

8. sure

9. sure i guess

10. makes sense

11. nah

12. im pretty sure there were reasons why spicy stew doesnt work with newer skills, i cant remember though. but even if this was to happen i dont ever see it being utilized.

13. considering the amount of red rum iii i have, yes please, purely selfish reasons if i didnt id say no :L
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