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Can I ask you Jagex to add a simple option to our Avatars please.

When I try and talk with a Friend I find I am always mostly talking with my back towards the Friend. It can be very hard to Face a Friend when talking (unless you want to go round in circles using the Follow option).

Can we click on our Friendís Avatar please and use a option called

Face (or something like Face)

so making it more easy to Face the Friend we are talking to.

It is very rude to have you back towards a Friend you are trying to talk with. So please Jagex can you give us this simple option.

Come on Jagex you can do it. Please let me Face my Friend.

09-Jul-2015 08:58:47

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You know honestly.. this has been something that is years overdue ! And many players have struggled with it. I have myself. The only way you can truly face someone without manipulation is to dance with them.

Sounds like a good addition to me ! :D

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28-Jul-2015 07:56:48

Ariel Arilon

Ariel Arilon

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We've asked for this feature over, and over, and over.

The program code and animation to ''turn'' already exists in game, yet for years Jagex has simply ignored our request to add this simple feature to improve our casual game experience.

I've no idea why.

I've given up and resigned myself to seeing people endlessly circle each other.

Judging by the lack of response, you can clearly see people want more exciting stuff.
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chi said:
I use an item on my friend, even on items in game to face them better, and straight on

Just make sure that item isn't a Christmas Cracker, unless you love your friend that much :P
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18-Sep-2015 10:39:58

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