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Hi folks, I am a returning veteran (16.5yrs) who has absolutely fallen in love with the smithing and mining rework, because in real life, I am a blacksmith! However, now that these projects take longer, I find myself wishing I could get an assistant like I would in my real shop.

My suggestion is simple, allow us to have other players help us complete our smithing projects faster by providing an extra hammer arm as one would in a real shop. If you follow this idea, it would also make sense that the helping player would not require the full skill level of the player providing the materials and starting the project, as it is usually Apprentices who would provide those additional strikes.

In my head, it goes like this. Player A has a smithing level of 6050 and begins a project (Rune 2h Sword, 4x Rune bars, 960xp) and invites Player B to assist. Player B has a smithing level of at least 5040, and thus can accept. Both players must use the anvil and hammer out the metal together, splitting XP evenly, completing the project 50% faster, and finally, player A receives their Rune 2h Sword.

Let me know what you think, I believe it could be a very cool way to allow players who don't have access to materials to gain XP in a community setting, as well as allow clans and groups of friends to work together for additional gains. Thanks for reading!

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In my opinion, this feature would never get used, unfortunately. XP is too easy to come by nowadays. In your example story, it's just too easy for the guy with level 40 smithing to get his own ores and make bars and items of his own.

Maybe a summoning familiar could be made to fulfill a similar purpose?

17-Nov-2021 17:11:45

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