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Welcome to
Discord Server!

started as a Server for hosting Solak learner Sessions for decent PvMers who couldn't access Solak yet, because of long learner queues everywhere else, or others making it look harder than it actually is.

Our Learner Section gives a shortcut to Decent PvMers to learn Solak faster, from knowing nothing about the boss to consistent 1-cycle core and No-realm in 1-2 Sessions.

In addition to learner sessions,
provides an expectation-safe Solak matchmaking experience, where you always get what you sign up for and nothing less. with a goal to move Solak from being a "friends-list-boss" to a group boss like AoD, where you can find reliable teams online.

Every Tag in the server has been trialed for and you can expect members to perform up to what their tags suggest.

We don't only feature high-tier Solak, our matchmaking system has a wide variety of skill levels from No-Realm casuals to sub6 henchers.


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