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PvM Leech FC

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Rilkur said:
What a great service! Fully justified for the price they charge.

They formed a team in minutes, and all the kills I needed were done within the hour. Along the way, I was always explained excactly what to do when.

Incredibly fast, efficient, and helpful people - who really know what they are doing!

Can't recommend these guys enough, thank you so much for the service. Was a pleasure doing business with you all!

10/10, would buy again.

Luc3 said:
Very good, did my Solak and ED3 would not have been able to comp without them (and a few others) Highly recommend.

Thanks again.

The cheapest Solak/PvM leech service for guaranteed kills!

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PvM Leech FC | Cheapest PvM Leeches on the market

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This service is definitely worth it if you're stuck on a boss. They formed a team quickly, guided me through each phase of Solak, and carried me through the end. Using voice chat was a huge plus for me to understand when to use certain defensive abilities. I highly recommend this team--especially at the price.

26-Jan-2019 21:49:10

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Very helpful from beginning to end. Ask about their services and had my kill finished 30 minutes later. Very fast and responsive. The step by step instructions made it so easy. Thank you again very much.

29-Jan-2019 20:52:34

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