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Just got my Solak Leech/ Kill.

Was super afraid about how difficult it would be and if i would mess up with mechanics and whatnot. The team explained absolutely everything i needed to do and when, it was the cleanest kill possible, am super happy about it and would totally recommend the service.

Thanks once again!

24-Mar-2019 17:17:36

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Did a solak for reaper with Abilities et al, they were very quick in setting up a group and then walked me through each step/phase as necessary
Good banter and solid team to be with, and were patient even though I messed up a couple of times going in
Would recommend, 11/10 service

29-Mar-2019 20:21:58

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Used the Solak leech to finally retrim, the team was very understanding and thorough in explanation, would recommend.

They didn't even notice I signed at one point, and if they did they didn't point it out, for those that are worried about messing up.

Thanks Abilities and company!
Where am I?

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Did a Solak kill & all three elite dungeons with these guys to retrim after a 12 month break from rs.

Iím a complete pvm noob and managed to do Solak first kill (extremely easy to understand instructions) and flew through the elite dungeons with ease.

Thank you Elder Tea & Radicalism & the rest of the team!!

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