Cheap Solak/PvM Leeches

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These guys are brilliant, they made it so easy. Every detail is thought of right down to checking your inventory and gear set up. Their instructions were super clear and we managed to get the kill on first try at Vorago and Solak. They were really patient with me when I made mistakes (including forgetting runes :|) and just told me it was fine, and how to survive better next time. Totally fair prices, in fact they sorted me out with a great deal for getting a big chunk of my reaper list ticked off all at once. I even got a Mazcab Codex from the raid, shame they can't guarantee that for everybody! I wouldn't hesitate to use them again and definitely recommend their service for all your PvM needs.

23-Apr-2019 21:00:44

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great help guys !

despite beeing a total noob at bossing and not even talking english as my native language (for the discord chat) they helped me out great.
Took me about 30 minutes to gear up and the boss itsellf was send sleeping after 12-13 minutes.

Thanks guys,
Will be coming back sone for sure !

Good luck bossing

29-Apr-2019 16:58:34

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Listen, I don't care if their price was 150m. I'd pay it for the assurance and comfort that I had from this group. First off, they stayed up wicked late for me to get my kill, because of my schedule. Second, there were some issues because of my absolute lack of PVM skill, and they were quickly put to rest by the sheer experience and skill of my team. Simple cut and dry Solak kill, for any experienced pvmer, beginner or expert. Also got a Vorago kill while I was there just because I needed it too.

Irrelevant but, the banter made it a fun time too. These guys aren't just business, they're about the social aspect of this game too.

Thanks again for helping me with my road to comp!

29-Apr-2019 19:16:23

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