Cheap Solak/PvM Leeches

Quick find code: 194-195-595-66078589

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Apr Member 2019


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What a great service! Fully justified for the price they charge.

They formed a team in minutes, and all the kills I needed were done within the hour. Along the way, I was always explained excactly what to do when.

Incredibly fast, efficient, and helpful people - who really know what they are doing!

Can't recommend these guys enough, thank you so much for the service. Was a pleasure doing business with you all!

10/10, would buy again.

30-Apr-2019 02:02:38

Feb Member 2012


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Great service

Got my solak kill within 20 minutes, everything was explained, when and what you had to do. No chance of dying along the kill. Was worth every coin i paid.
Would really recommend this service if you need a quick and easy kill.

Thanks again for the leech.

03-May-2019 22:13:30

Jan Member 2021


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Excellent service and very friendly people,

Got abilities as host and they were very kind to explain all and got the kill super fast.

Thank you very much =)

05-May-2019 20:58:33

Nov Member 2017


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Amazing service!

Fast, smooth, reliable. Appreciate the care for the customer that they have. Very warm and welcoming atmosphere. Definitely going back to them in the future.

Thanks again and keep it up!

05-May-2019 21:16:56

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