Teamwork Rules

Teamwork Guide

Welcome to the Teamwork Forum Guide!

What is the Teamwork Forum for?

The Teamwork Forum is for helping you find groups to slay monsters with, compete in Activities or similar. This forum is solely for helping you find such groups, the Tactics Forum is for discussing the best ways to complete these tasks.


  • I have a D&D Clan. Should I post here?
    The Distractions and Diversions Forum is still available for those with D&D Groups. Please use that forum.

  • I want to get a group of players together to help me kill cows every Monday. Should I create a thread for it in this forum?
    If you wish to form a group of players to regularly defeat monsters or bosses then you should use the Clan Forums.

  • I want to discuss the best way to kill the Corp Beast, should I post here?
    This forum is just for arranging groups, if you wish to discuss the optimal tactics to use then please use the Tactics Forum.