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People grew up. Graduated, they got jobs, found an SO (Or not, depends who you are, but I know some whom have married), at to some, had kids who are as young as months.

Life changes. So when you grow up, everything changes. People neither have time nor day to either log in to roleplay, yet alone via Discord.

That ain't to say there aren't people who do RP via discord, but I imagine it's rare and empty unless someone can prove me otherwise.
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That we'd always been miserable bastards to each other never helped anything too. Key word WE though - I'm not exempt from that! Alas, we too grew up and part of growing up is realizing it's not the best of ideas to make your labyrinth be recursive.

I just hope everyone has internalized by now that this was always a game inside of a game. Maybe one more layer of game on top that. Is RP a game within RS? At the very least it was a different way to play. All the same, the life outside of The Screen is a game too. I didn't know it until this very year, but it changes your entire outlook.

After all, aren't we all the main characters of our own lives and everyone else is an NPC? Depends on if your acronym of NPC stands for Non Play-er Character or Non Play-able Character, I suppose. Still, everyone is their own protagonist no matter how you interpret NPCs to be.

Potentially perceived to be psychotic ramblings aside, I hope that even the ones who played the role of my worst enemies in this game are doing okay and have been coming to the same realizations I have. The World Wakes -- but are you the automatons in Guthix's chamber? Guthix himself? Sliske? The World Guardian? All the same, because the true enemy are the Elder Gods and they're more real than you may realize. You must resist. If you have even the foggiest notion of what I'm talking about, find me in Pyro's server.
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