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Today, a group of slayers travelled to Catherby to investigate an errant pack of White Wolves that had been eating livestock in the area. Thankfully, there were no casualties amongst the townsfolk nor the slayer group. All but one of the wolves were slain, bringing the minor crisis to a close. As payment, the Slayers have been rewarded with a small sum of materials, namely fishing explosives, and a surprising amount of pots and pans. The King of Egypt herself.
Looking for fun and interactive kingdom roleplay? Look no farther than Misthalin!

14-Jun-2021 02:23:27

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Just wanted to say I think you've done a great job designing this, and I love the idea that RP'ers can submit contracts. Profiled for future use. I wrote the very first version of the Sicarius (pre-Matt), and was a roleplayer from about 2005-2010/2011. Helped organize Jolly Boar RP nights back in the very beginning of the RP community. I just play casually in adulthood now.

25-Jun-2021 17:40:06



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Where do I sign up to slay some ghosts? One's left a residue of ectoplasma with me and it's hard to scrub it completely off of me. I wish I could, but this one left an impression on me. The Zamorakian Brigade: Now selling fire extinguishers for 69 GP each.

28-Jun-2021 03:00:52

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