Queen Isabella's Feast

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On Duneday, Pentember 24 (Wednesday, June 16th), a feast in honor of the newly crowned Queen of Kandarin will commence in the Market Square of eastern Ardougne, bringing visitors from all over the kingdom and from foreign lands to celebrate the Queen and the arrival of a new era in Kandarin.

Following the consolidation of both Yanille and Camelot, Isabella claims the vacant throne of Kandarin for herself. A private coronation ceremony, attended by her vassals and the Bishops of Kandarin, follows, marking the beginning of her reign.

In Isabella's name, Yanille is entrusted with the Bishop of Yanille and in Camelot she appoints a noble from the House Olivar to the ducal seat.

The event will begin at 3PM PST/5PM CST/6PM EST/11PM UTC

All of the stalls in the marketplace will be borrowed in service of to the Crown to serve a variety of food and wine.

If you desire to have a custom role in the Feast, please use the application below. This could be anything like using one of the stalls to serve food of your character's choosing, performing an act, or roleplaying a market guard.

Character name / Desired role / Stall placement, if any / Duration

Everyone is welcome to join the feast. Please be nice and respectful, and follow Jagex rules as well as the Forums Code of Conduct.

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The new Queen's feast had begun sometime in the morning on Pentember 24, and went on slow and fast through the day into the evening. Served for the masses, was a generous amount of wine and cheeses, and stew, with poultry, and desserts like cakes and tarts.

At one particularly slow time during the Feast, the stall hosted by the Craven Company was suddenly attacked and the server was brutally killed by a goblin named Dreadmaw. A standoff between the goblin and revelers began. At first, of the revelers, there was only the Queen's nephew, Nicolas Lavelle, and Beaumont the Duke of Camelot, but more soon arrived as the Duke and the Queen's nephew attempted to defuse the situation. As the mages joined in, the goblin fell back with the body of the server whose life he had taken and the group of revelers pursued him.

By the time the goblin escaped into a residence on the northern end of the town, only Nicolas and one of the mages named Althea pursued him. After some scuffling in the upper floor of the residence, Dreadmaw escaped through the window. Finally, exhausted with the pursuit, Althea and Nicolas agree to let the goblin flee and leave the matter to the town guard.

The queen's feast comes to an end as the guard arrives on the scene at the request of the Queen's nephew, Nicolas. The incident is now under investigation.
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