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Hello again, Old friends. You may know me by a few different names- Brave Jon 1 and Fiddle Gears, or Thorkir Bravery of Relleka. It is honestly such a crazy throwback to see the forums I once posted on when in high school now that I am grown and married. Often, I still regail my friends with the stories of Viking raids and clan disputes, the often turning of land ownership and the friends made along the way. This game was extremely formative for me, and kickstarted both my careers in theatrical arts and political science as I have today.- But this forum isn't here for me to spew a few old members tales of times long past- Im here because I would adore to hear from some old friends, and maybe go on some more beautiful adventures in the land of Gielnor.

I hear there is a Discord Server though every link I've found has been broken. If I'm mistaken, no worries.

If anyone out there wants to talk about how things use to be, be you new or old to the wacky world of RSRP, I'd love to! Reach out to me if you want, or leave a tale you had with me in this thread for us all to enjoy!

That Old Viking.

24-Nov-2021 14:02:36

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Ayyy my maaaan it's good to see you again! There is a discord server for the Wikia which functions pretty much like the main w42 roleplay discord,

Come drop by, let's reminisce! I still remember us hunting Hati and Skoll and you getting dunked, running away and dying off-screen. That was hilarious the way you walked back up like "What happened, what'd I miss?"
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