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With the latest quest drop and the Elder threat growing it has prompted me to open up a new line of discussion.

If this was the final chapter and nothing could be done to stop it what is the one thing your character would still want to do before the end?

Please post your answers below. The most interesting one may get a prize.
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My character would likely die trying to find a way to safety. If she could reasonably escape, and leave this realm behind she would. I wrote the very first version of the Sicarius (pre-Matt), and was a roleplayer from about 2005-2010/2011. Helped organize Jolly Boar RP nights back in the very beginning of the RP community.
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Lorelei would probably go on a rampage during the final days. Her greatest motivator has always been trying to avoid death and doing whatever it took to do just that. For decades, she rationalized away all the horrible things she's done as being necessary for survival. The notion that it meant nothing, nothing at all, and that in the end she's just as powerless in the face of death as everyone else would drive her insane. I imagine that she would need to be put down.

If by some miracle, Gielinor was destroyed but the gods rallied together to transport everyone to another plane beforehand and she was among those rescued, she'd still never recover from that brush with death. It's not the sort of thing that she's equipped to handle: Lorelei really does consider herself utterly invincible not out of arrogance but out of fear of the alternative.

Abraxas doesn't have anything he'd really do. As a Wight, he'd initially be in disbelief in the face of his own sudden mortality, but he's actually the most mentally stable of all my characters. He has nothing in particular that he'd do, as his homeland was destroyed ages ago. He has nobody to say goodbye to, no one to thank and nowhere in particular to go. He'd probably roam around, offering the people he meets some small measure of comfort wherever he goes.

My Slayer Yelena however would just get absolutely loaded on overloads with all of her Slayer homies and spend the final days totally trashed, partying while dust and ash fill the air and the world crumbles away.

Anyanka would stare off into the horizon, annoyed as hell like "Sliske, you dumbshit, you were supposed to figure this out" and try to track him down in order to beat his ass.

And that's about it for my current cast of characters.
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Vynriette would dig up her husband and then proceed to animate his dead body. She would then dress him in a red zamorakian tailcoat and pointed slippers before commanding the undead man to dance with her as she waltzes into erasure with her lover.
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My original universe was highkey born out of my custom lores becoming too large and obtuse to be any manner of fanfiction within a roleplay setting. Lowkey, its protagonist meddled their way into escaping the looming threat of, shall we say, particular deities in a particular adjacent realm. Lowerkey, some cosmological mechanics of my original universe are parallel to those of RuneScape and is a driving reason why said protagonist does what they do.

So -- you could say that Maedalaane foresaw a "final chapter" years ago and got out while the gettin' was best.
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my char would be happy to sit with his party as a whole and talk of past adventures
One last time as they watch the end of gielinor together
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