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Undead mode is a list of challenges that must be completed in the Living realm in a limited amount of time. Like every undead, you have to return to the Realm of Dead by means of death or teleport before sunrise. Because of this, these challenges become harder and harder at each level.

This game mode can be played on a main account, although some items have to be unlocked in undead mode. For instance, the "undead version" of Jennica’s ring is a drop from a monster.

To start off, make your way to Death’s Office and equip your ghostspeak amulet. From now on, you have to start your timepiece every time you go outside.

1. A ghostspeak amulet must be worn at all times in undead mode either as an actual item or a cosmetic override
2. The timepiece can be paused while in the Realm of Dead.
3. If you run out of time before returning to the Realm of Dead, you lose one „mort”
4. If you lose all your morts, you reborn as a regular human and have to restart undead mode.
5. You have to restart any failed challenge.
6. Where no specific drop rate is given, regular drop rate applies.
7. You start with 1 mort.

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Necessary items

- Magic skullball (aka the skull)
Colour responses refer to your deathspan. The brighter the color, the longer you can stay in the Living realm.
Black (5) Blue (10) Purple (15) Red (20) Orange (25) Green (30) Yellow (35) White (40) minutes. There is a 30 minute cooldown between each use of the skull.
The magical skull determines the fate of the player. The answer „The fortunes are with you.” brings good luck.

- Timepiece helps you return to the the Realm of Dead before the living realm absorbs your body. In some cases, the timepiece can be paused.

- Wildstalker helmet While your body is petrified, your timepiece is on pause but you’re unable to move.

The Realm of Dead

The home of ghosts, skeletons, zombies. A place where the undead seek shelter and regain their energy. You can spend unlimited time here.
- Death’s office and Closure's study (the only way to get here is respawning)
- Sepulchre of Death
- Spirit Realm
- Death altar
- Thammaron's Throne Room
- Grim Underworld
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ChallengesLevel 1
A Skeleton's Revenge

Here lie the remains of an unknown wizard. Your task is to find this skeleton and take revenge on
, his murderer.

Reward: Skull sceptre, access to Sepulchre of Death

Level 2
All for a Clay Ring

An ankou who lives in the Sepulchre of Death gives you an anagram: AGILEST DRUM (Misthalin)
This person informs you that the magical ring is dropped by
skeletal monkeys.
(Must roll the lucky skull's response) To break their invulerability, wield a dark dagger and the mask of Dragith Nurn.

Reward: Jennica's ring, access to Spirit realm

Level 3
Death is Written in Stone

In this challenge, you need to help Morgan Le Faye improve her magical skills. She is incapable of using runes and has to borrow other mage’s spiritual powers. She asks you to capture 6 mage's spirits for her.
- Air, Water, Earth and Fire Wizard (Port Sarim).
- Melzar
- William Bonde, whose spirit is trapped inside the Corporeal beast. (Roll the lucky skull's response and 'Yes' response right after while wearing Jennica's ring to free him)
Siphon their spirits into a salve crystal, obtained in the haunted mine.

Reward: 10 Death altar teleports, access to Death altar

Level 4
Unholy Ritual

You are going to perform a demonic ritual.
Chant: Caldar Nahudu at the death altar while wearing the following items to open the demonic portal.
1. A demonic skull from a pk’ed person in the Wilderness
2. staff of zamorak from a demon boss (100%)
3. Unholy symbol from Kril Tsutsaroth (HM) must get the skull's lucky response to receive it.
4. Zamorak robes (must obtain from a disciple of Iban. Use the Ardougne entrance)
5. Demonic sigil

Reward: Access to Throne Room
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Level 5
The Vestibule of Rebirth

Those, who want to be granted admission to the Grim Underworld, must fulfill the requests of the 5 Ambassadors of death.

1. Doomsayer
4 of his warning signs need to be repaired. To determine which ones, roll a D34 4 times. (The same location can be rolled 2 or more times) If you don’t meet one of the requirements, reroll and remove 5 minutes from your deathspan. After repairing the 4 signs, report back to the Doomsayer to claim his permit.

2. Father Lawrence
The priest wants some whisky. He’ll gladly give you his permit for a bottle. A bottle of whisky can be found in this house, which is located in a deadly place.

3. Guardian mummy
Obtain 10 pieces of rotten food for him to get his permit.

4. Leo
Leo wants you to find a pile of Bones he left under a root somewhere in Anachronia.

5. The Occultist
Zu-zu has found a new method for removing her immortality: consuming a powerburst of lifelessness. This potion is made by adding a black flower to a powerburst of vitality, a plant that grows on one of the floating islands of Runespan’s uppermost level (must roll the lucky skull’s response to find the island) If you don’t meet the level requirement, buy a permit from any player for 20, 000, 000 coins.
The powerburst of vitality can be found in Thammaron's Throne Room.

Reward: Book of the underworld, access to necromancy
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Misc. challenges and rewards in undead mode

Cadava potion. (max. 2)
Use: drink this to receive 1 additional mort. It doesn't extend your deathspan and you have to restart a failed challenge.
Cadava berries (dropped by tormented wraits. Must roll the lucky skull’s response)
2 Bones of pk’ed people in the Wilderness
A vampyre dust from a revenant vampyre
Vial of water

Ghostly robes.
Use: Each piece adds 5 minutes to your deathspan
Drop source: 1 piece from any treasure trail casket. Must roll the lucky skull’s response. Two or more pieces can be received if you roll multiple lucky responses in a row.

Ring of Charos
Use: You can reroll the skull (except a color). Cooldown: 3 minutes
The ring has been hidden in a crate.

Amascut's necklace
Amascut will tell you the solution of one clue in return for her favorite brass necklace that sunk in the sea long ago. In addition, she will reduce the Ring of Charos' cooldown by 1 minute.
The necklace is dropped by Maw of Kolthregar (100%). Amascut grants you infinite deathspan during this challenge and the ghostspeak amulet doesn't have to be worn.
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