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Jaekob Caed
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Tremeur said:
Jaekob Caed said:
Profiling, this sounds interesting.

you're welcome to join our discord to see more actions

I appreciate the invite, I may stop by someday! :)
Jaekob Caed
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10-Aug-2021 09:32:11

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Character's Name: Fraenoc

Character's Age: 23

Character's Race: Human – Orgionally from the Moon Clan

Character's Religion: He doesn’t know just yet, agnostic

Small summary: Dreams are a powerful thing for Fraenoc, being born in the Moon Clan tends to place an importance on these kinds of things. Fraenoc showed aptitude for soothsaying and fortune telling but when his dreams began to take darker edges with visons of smoke, shadow, blood, and ice the elders became worried and sent him into exile to protect the clan. Now, wandering Fraenoc is looking for what these symbols mean and a way, if possible, to return home.

Requested Fame: Adventurer

Appearance: Fraenoc is tallish and loves the colour purple and magically colours his hair various shades of pink/purple.

Equipment(s): Often found with magic equipment, most often his Lunar gear.

Role-Play Experience: Uhh like a 2-3, (no previous runescape role-play experience)

Languages: Common

Currency: Not much, a bunch of runes though

12-Sep-2021 06:47:26

Eden the Elf
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Eden the Elf

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I'm really interested in this. "Oh, yes! I may hold the imformation you require...
I'm the slayer of dragons! The caster of ancient magic! Seducer of women! And eater of goldfish crackers..."


25-Sep-2021 12:31:10

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