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Heyyo! I see there's a roleplay world in Old School RuneScape, but I can't find even the slightest trace of RP there. It sucks -- I much prefer my OSRS Fashionscape over my RS3.

(Seriously, Jagex, bring that Old Demon Mask to RS3 and I will love you for life)

Is there any here? At all?

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23-Sep-2018 01:50:58

Jane Sable

Jane Sable

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I've been looking myself, even on the forums and Internet, and found none. Guess people are too focused on being efficient. :P

Lately I've had a real itch for something text-based (or in w42, but I've always thought an in-game format clunky) in the world of OSRS's Gielinor. If you're up for something like that, add me! Maybe we can seek out other people to get something going?

26-Sep-2018 20:33:14



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Bronze Jimmy said:
With that there is now a discord community that works on runescape roleplay. with 70+ strong its a good group ;)

Link is invalid. If you have an updated one, please provide it
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08-May-2019 00:15:49

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Not sure if you're still looking, but feel free to add me in-game. I'm always up for RP when I'm online - in fact it's mostly all I do nowherdays. “To hesitate is to fail. To fail is to disobey. How you complete your objective matters not; it is ultimately the final result that is of import. Results are the currency in which we deal, after all - the process is of little consideration.” .

15-Jun-2019 20:34:44

Heroic Quest

Heroic Quest

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I'd be interested in a roleplay clan/group. I like playing games like this as they provide a good environment for just that. I'm fairly new and playing Ironman Mode as of now, but I'm still looking for a social aspect of the game.

20-Aug-2019 19:53:46

Jedi Jed
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Jedi Jed

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There was an actual discord for osrs roleplay called the Heroes of Geilinor but due to lack of activity the discord was deleted. I'm always up for some os rp though if anyone wants to add me and then message me when I'm online.

20-Aug-2019 21:49:05

Wizard Ovi
Jan Member 2016

Wizard Ovi

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I have been looking for 2 years now for any sign rp as well. And have found no sign of even one

there have been a few attempts but, in the end not enough effort was put into bringing rp to osrs from what i have been told.
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