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An Archivist

An Archivist

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User Name: An Archivist
Position: Roleplayer (but I can be a storyteller too!)
I've run a few RPs set in Asgarnia as well as Al-Kharid on World 41, I've also participated in a few as a roleplayer. I've also been involved in a few Roleplays since roughly the 2008/2009 era on W42 but I took several breaks because of real life, waning interest in the game and a pretty demanding undergrad and grad life. I also have roleplayed in games like pen and paper Dungeons and Dragons.

Despite this, I'm actually pretty bad at roleplaying combat and I'd love to get help.
Archivist by training, Roleplayer by choice. I go by That Canada in RS3, this is how I roll in old school.

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Wizard Ovi
Jan Member 2016

Wizard Ovi

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Welcome archivist!

Also, thank you to all who participated in 'Prophets and Teeth's and saw it to conclusion! You were all spectacular.
"You never know what kind of man you'll be until the end."

-Howl Aren

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Ora Gano
Jul Member 2021

Ora Gano

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User Name: Ora Gano
Position: Roleplayer (However, I would like to host some stories as well
Summary: I've participated in the Quest Collective once long ago on a different account, but other tahn that I've been a part of MUDs, tabletop games and various forum, chatroom, and mmo RP communities.

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Eye of Eden
Sep Member 2021

Eye of Eden

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Eye of Eden


I have several years of experience roleplaying, probably dating back to 2012. I've been roleplaying almost as long as I've been on a computer, but I'd still consider myself maybe intermediate level. I've roleplayed on other MMORPGs, or just by my self-immersion in single-player RPGs, but I've never really seriously role-played on RuneScape. I recently returned to both RS3 and OSRS with a great interest in learning more about the lore and getting into lore-friendly roleplaying community. I don't know a great deal about the lore, and I might need some help.

Thank you. ^_^
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