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Are those active rpers because I have never seen them at all on the map. Either way this guide is a mess and either needs a serious update and overhaul or passed on to somebody with the time to do just that. Not to mention put in the effort to keep it updated and relevant. The guide has been in bad shape for a long time and a place I would not recommend using to learn how to is currently done.

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A kind of system that has potential to utterly invalidate the majority of people in any vote should the vote have more than two options.

So. What is to be done, then?

Imagine this world as a microcosm of...well...the actual world. It's not hard to imagine. MMORPGs can be very realistic insofar as interpersonal dynamics function between the real people who inhabit a virtual world whom then make it quite real by extension.

Mankind divides. It's what happens. Fact of life. Countries, provinces, municipalities, duchies, counties, cities, towns, cliques, circles. Why exactly this happened, why Tribalism became a component of the Human Condition, is because of a ton of reasons but those aren't important now. The fact is, is that it happened, it's a part of us, and it is something we must learn to deal with.

It's impossible to just disregard it, to just bring everyone together and tell them to kiss and make up and live together is not going to happen. They won't get along because no two individuals are the same.

Looping back to the point; this guide. There is never going to be a proper consensus on it. Ever. The world is too divided for that to happen. This isn't as if we're founding a new country. There's little that unifies in way of common interest. There is the game, and roleplay, which are things of arbitrary recreation (and thusly not important). No human rights are being violated, there's no tyrants to behead, nothing.

So, then, and again. What is to be done?

May as well just delete this thread and the other one while we're at it. Why do they really need to exist at all? Neverminding the fact that there will not be consensus on what is to be in the guide, do more than 5% of people who come here not know about roleplay? It's super similar between most MMOs with only superficialities changing between. It is playing the game via recreational and cooperative writing with other players. It's not rocket science.
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TL;DR: a forum mod removed a few of my posts because i used the s word in a metaphor and side tracked a wee bit to relevant topics to provide greater context and perspective to my argument so tough poopoo if you were interested in the rest i had to say

P.S: It's a very good guide in of itself, don't get me wrong. If there were a large community that followed this guide as-is, rather than a large number of small groups who do their own thing, then I believe this would be a very fun, healthy, and exciting place to be. It's almost as though the guide is a sneak peak into the best reality in the multiverse for this place. But, alas, this reality is not that. Thusly, a good degree of what is entailed therein is misleading and not reflective of the world's current state (my bad...I did all that...some posts were reworded but it's still pretty much all my layout/view/whatnot...) Nonetheless, I can safely say, that a surefire way to being a good roleplayer is following this guide. It's just kind of like an outdated tourist brochure. If it's telling you proper etiquette for the culture, it's still probably accurate. But if it's telling you where all the payphones are, weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllll...
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Your post that contained sexual innuendo has been hidden.
Additionally, do not post screenshots from ingame, as naming and shaming is not allowed on the forums.
Finally, I've re-read the Forum Specific Rules that relate to blacklists and you need to remove all mentions of blacklisting. You have a day to remove it. Below is the part of the FSRs about blacklisting. I've highlighted the part which indicates they should not be mentioned here on the forums, especially since your language on the forums indicates that blacklists are okay and the forum specific rules indicate they are not.

5. I don't want to include Generic Player in my roleplay, and want to let others know why. Can I do this?
The posting of Blacklists, Whitelists or any other form of exclusionary lists on threads in this forum is absolutely prohibited. Member lists do not come under this, so long as they are solely used for the purpose of denoting members of, and standing within, the clan.
Blacklisting is where a player is ignored due to past role-playing experiences. This is in-game and should remain so. It should not be posted on threads under any circumstances. Please use in-game facilities (such as ignore lists, personal and clan) for this, but
do not advertise it.
Blacklists are often used to name & shame, which is off limits, and to make examples of "bad roleplayers". This should never be encouraged. Instead, do your best to help.
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