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Over on our Official Jagex Support YouTube channel, we want to collect the most useful player-help video guides in one place – and we want you to show us what you can come up with! What’s more, we’re awarding prizes for every video that we feature on the channel!

We’re looking for videos focusing on anything in the following categories:

  • Account help

  • Billing

  • Tech

  • General help

We’ve made a list of potential video ideas, as seen below. Don’t let these limit you, though; if you think your idea will help other players, then make a video about it!

We’ll be handing out prize packages to all entries that successfully feature on the competition playlist. You can enter as many videos as you’d like, although it’s one prize package per account. Each pack contains:

  • Ornate Katana

  • Green Skin override

  • Flaming Skull

  • 25 spins for Squeal of Fortune

Entering the competition couldn’t be easier: simply upload your entry to YouTube, then email us a link to the video and your RuneScape name at, with the subject as 'Jagex Support Video'.

Some pointers for making your video(s):

  • Make them no more than five minutes long.

  • They should be in English, or have English captions.

  • All Jagex-owned material is fine, so use as much in-game footage as you like.

  • Be sure to keep a check on copyrighted music and footage – don’t use anything you don’t have permission to use.

  • Keep it clean – offensive content won’t be used!

  • For full competition terms and conditions, click here.

Here's an example video that Will Miss It and Queen Anita have made about the Loyalty Programme, to help inspire you:

The competition closes on the 31st of January 2013, but please do post in our channel about any RuneScape support videos you make afterwards – successful videos will be featured as we receive them.

Good luck - we can’t wait to see what you guys create!

The Jagex Support Team

Video Ideas

Billing Support self-help Guide:

  • Where to go to get help quickly:

    • Billing Wiki

    • Billing Forums

Confirm Billing Status:

  • How to check when your next membership payment is due

  • How to check whether you have an active membership

Mini Payment Method Guides:

  • Credit card

  • PayPal

  • PayByText/SMS (BOKU)

  • PayByCash

    • Ultimate gameCard

    • PaySafeCard

    • Ideal

  • RuneScape GameCard

Guide to recurring payments:

  • The benefits of recurring payments (easy, ensured membership etc)

  • The payment packages available (1/3/6 months)

  • The reduced cost of membership for 3 & 6 month packages

  • How it guarantees Loyalty Programme build

Loyalty Points:

  • How to register for the programme

  • How to check Loyalty Point balance

  • How to check when the next points are due

  • How 7 days without membership will affect the account

  • How / where to spend the points

Recruit A Friend:

  • How the scheme works

  • Benefits of the scheme

Account Security:

  • How to check your computer for a virus (virus scan)

  • Removing keyloggers/rats

  • Resetting your bank pin

  • How to use the ignore function

Account Help:

  • How to navigate the forums

  • How to use the account help wiki

  • Top tips on account security

  • How to change your bank pin

  • How to add devices to JAG and manage your account

  • How to spot common scams

  • How to keep your email account safe

  • Removing a keylogger

Technical Support:

  • Clear Temporary Internet Files – if website features are behaving strangely, update browser, check security settings, accept certificate.

  • Laptop gaming - how to allocate memory to graphics performance between CPU/Graphics, check air vents aren’t covered, check performance/power options so that laptop is still working hard if unplugged from the mains.

  • Use dedicated graphics – switching graphics card so that you aren’t using onboard, how to allocate memory to graphics performance between CPU/Graphics.

  • How to reinstall flash.

  • Music and sound issues – reinstall sound driver, check volume is up, check RS/Java isn’t muted, check sound settings in-game.

  • Computer maintenance – clear cache, clear temp internet files, scan for virus/malware/spyware, stop unnecessary processes, defrag, firewall, updating windows/drivers/software, backups.

Finally a quick word from HikariKnight:

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Awesome, can't wait to see what you guys can come up with.
Whatever it is, I'm sure it will be great.

I would make a video if I had anything to record with... =P

Like allways, good luck to all! =D
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21-Dec-2012 15:55:33

Fonic Artes

Fonic Artes

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Going along with what Hikari said, I've made a AMD graphics video already, but if it needs to be remade then please say so, we that have already made videos for Technical Support would really spare no effort to remake them, as we all want every player to be able to play the game without any problems.

21-Dec-2012 19:09:14

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"Why do the work when you can have others do the work for you?"

Great idea, and thank you to everyone that creates a video. :)

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Syra Valero

Syra Valero

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There are some pretty good ideas listed. Although I have never had such aformentioned problems, it would definitely help others who do encounter such situations.

HikariKnight and Fonic Artes also bring up a good point that I think should be addressed. A staff member from JaGEx should hopefully post something in response to this query.

I wish the best of luck to all contestants :)!~


21-Dec-2012 20:29:54

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