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RS3: Send Us Your Screenshots!

The launch of RuneScape 3 is imminent and the world needs to know! That’s why right now, we’re in the early stages of making a new trailer that shows off the wonders of RuneScape 3 and its very pretty HTML5 engine.

In the trailer, we’ll see our hero travelling across Gielinor taking in just some of the most iconic and exciting sights that RuneScape has to offer. But which locations should be included? What elements of RuneScape do you think have to be seen in a trailer? There’s just so much RuneScape out there - if you were making a trailer about RuneScape, what would be in it?
RuneScape 3 is made by you and so, naturally, we'd love to get your help with the trailer too!

By sending us screenshots of iconic locations, the most beautiful landscapes and the very best gameplay in RuneScape, you can have your say on what’s included in the RuneScape trailer. We’ll look through all the pictures you send and use them to determine the path our hero takes around Gielinor.

Sending us your screenshots is simple. Just upload your images to Facebook and tag RuneScape in the picture. Need help with tagging images? Click here for a handy guide.

All we ask is that each entrant sends no more than three images, and that you include a very brief description of what the screenshot is intended to showcase.

Snapping a screen shot only takes a second and it could result in the awesome shot we’ve been looking for. So, send us your screen shots and help us create a trailer that’s made by you!

Paul M
RuneScape Videos

27-Jun-2013 16:31:55

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How do I actually take a screenshot?

The most simple method is to press 'Print screen' when you have the shot you want and pasting it into an image program like Paint. You can then crop out any of the desktop and save your work.

There are programs that can help you with this, the easiest to use would be the Windows Snipping tool.

How can I get a good screenshot?

There are a couple of things you can do to make a good screenshot in RuneScape:
1 Use the Orb of Oculus to frame your shot as nicely as possible.

2 Turn up your settings as much as you can. You're only after a single screenshot so framerate is not an issue.

3 Avoid including any chat in your screenshot. This is easily achieved by turning chat off for the duration of your 'photo shoot'.

I don't want to use Facebook, can't I send my screenshot another way?

On this occasion we really want to highlight our community involvement and Facebook sharing really helps achieve this. We can take our favourite entries and showcase them much more easily, also allowing more people to find your work using our page. Having our entries sent via a single medium (Facebook) means there is no risk of your work being missed out.

If you really are against Facebook you can send submissions via '' with the subject 'Screenshot Submission'.

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Liquar said:
Is there a reward for this? :)

The reward is that you'll be helping shape the official trailer for RuneScape 3. That means you'll be able to drive the story of the trailer to focus on the areas or parts of the game that you want to see featured.

29-Jun-2013 16:36:52

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Cedent said:
>Facebook only competition

You dun goof'd

If you really don't want to use Facebook you can use We'd ask that Facebook be the focus as it makes things a lot easier but you can send the screenshots via email if that's what you really prefer.

29-Jun-2013 16:37:51

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Cow God said:
Do the screenshots have to be taken in the RS3 beta, or can they also be made at RS2? I already have some idea's on where to take the screenshots :D

You can send in any screenshots though we'd ask you to use the HTML 5 beta if you can just so that it'll show us how the content would look in the actual trailer.

29-Jun-2013 16:39:14

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