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Hey Jon, glad you're happy at Jagex so far.

My question is - What qualifications did you do to get into Community Managing at Jagex? I can't begin to imagine what is required, to be honest.

Also, does anyone know what happened to Mod Calm? I remember him leaving Jagex but we used to chat back in the day and I wondered if you guys still keep tabs on him. Y'know, for science!

16-Feb-2015 19:07:35

Mod Jon

Mod Jon

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Hey Hazzam,

Firstly I didn't know Mod Calm, so I'm afraid I won't be able to answer that... :/

There are many ways to get into CM, as there aren't really any studies that lead specifically to being a community manager.
You need to have a knack for people I guess, and like (love) to be in contact with a lot of people every day!
You need to know how to write, and to be catchy, so I guess something to do with English studies is a good start.
I personally studied medieval history and script writing and I thing both those helped me get into a CM job.

I hope this helps a little, if you want to ask anything else, or want more details please shoot more questions my way :)

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17-Feb-2015 12:31:43

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Mod Jon said:
. I also love drinking tea…tea is good!

(ps: I’m also on twitter if you fancy following me: @JagexJon)

Tea is very good! Welcome Mod Jon! ^-^
5.6 btw
I like to help people. Feel free to ask for advice/help. :-)

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Spooby Jr

Spooby Jr

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Hey Mod Jon could i get some help about a account? i dont really know where to go to post for help but i am in dire need of advice on what i need to do!~ could you message me in game or reply back as soon as possible please~!

24-Aug-2017 21:33:12

Mod Matthe

Mod Matthe

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Locked thread to stop confusion - Mod Jon is no longer in CM. Mod MattHe | Former Community Manager, now in Events & occasional Lore Monkey

25-Aug-2017 08:37:25

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