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The art team have hosted some amazing new RuneScape wallpapers (from the likes of Plague's End, the Clan Cup 2014, and more) on a new Flickr page.

Check them out here and download them!

And what's more, they'll be updated weekly - every Wednesday (which we're renaming 'Wallpaper Wednesday', so make sure you check it out weekly!

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Does your art team give lessons? Lol :P
Awesome work peeps!!
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Wow amazing.

Now this is something the whole community has been asking for for years.

Thank you for Wallpaper Wednesday.

Looking forward to it now. ^_^

Also is there any chance of a Art Team photo saying whos who and who did what? These things are of interest to a lot of us.
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Finance said:
Cool, thanks!

Can we use these on our social media accounts?

I'd assume so, since some of them have "Twitter" in the name.

I must be doing something wrong. They seem to come up with links to save, not pics to download and the one I put on my desktop is quite pixilated.
Instructions for tech-noobs please anyone?
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