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Good day you all!
I created this thread so that Runescape players from all over the world who have a Twitter account can add/Follow each other on Twitter. Simply post your twitter handle in your posts. Incase you update your handle, don't forget to update here too!
Disclaimer :- I do not in anyway Endorse or encourage players to discontinue the use of the Official Runescape Forums. This was Intended for players to know each other off the website.

My Twitter Handle :- @Rs_Godwish

Would like to see you all post! :D

Edit :- I have officially changed my RSN to Delling ( The Nordic god of Dawn) from Godwish, so my handle is subjected to change. I will edit this post again when it happens :)
Feel free to PM me :)

No Pixels were harmed during the creation of this signature :P

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