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21-Jun-2020 16:01:48

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Hi Xenophanes.

Please edit your post and remove the URL and the player name. Sharing it the URL here risks other people's account, and naming and shaming is not allowed by the forum rules.

Instead, you can report the phishing website here:
Phishing Report Centre

You can report accounts that contact you like this in-game for 'staff impersonation' at the time of the incident, so the chat logs are captured:
How to report a player
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Some posts have been removed for naming users/scammers or for posting links to the phishing sites.

Please remember that this thread is a warning about phishing attempts on Twitter. It is not a place to report in-game staff impersonation. That needs to be done by using the in-game Report feature, as that is the best way to provide Jagex with the chat evidence needed to remove them.

How to report a player

Phishing links should never be posted in the public forums, as that can put more accounts at risk. Those links can be reported to the Phishing Report Centre sticky, where the posts can only be seen by Jagex staff.

Forum issues? ---> See Forum Help
Account issues? ---> See Account Help

21-Jun-2020 18:32:26



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Hello. :)

Unfortunately, since the message is now hidden, I cannot edit the post in any way, nor can I report the URL that I have attached to the mentioned source. What I have done is that I have reported that player for:

1. Staff impersonation
2. Phishing for information

Whilst I thank you for your assistance, I apologize for the inconvenience that may have been caused.
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22-Jun-2020 19:57:02

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