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kenirwin on twitch. im gonna start streaming more; especially once Egwd comes out. i want to stream a variety of games (rs3, smite, valorant, some card pack openings cause those are always fun) but havent been becasue ive been sick the last 2 months (onto month 3 now). gonna say screw it and start streaming anyways. if i gotta deal with this cough, so can everyone else :P
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10-Jun-2021 11:30:47



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I am a newbie streamer and don't make any money with it, and haven't streamed RS before. Haven't streamed there in a few months, but usually do 90s-early 2000s games for the pure fun of it. I'd love to make some more content once I get back into the mood for it.
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Hi there! My twitch is Rez4ExtraLife, I stream to raise money for my local children's hospital and will be doing a 24 hr charity stream of RS on Nov. 6th! :) Just a chocolate gifting girl in a frog or penguin suit! :)

11-Oct-2021 16:38:44

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