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Remember to check if the twitch account has a verified check mark, also if their following/followers list is low it could potentially be a fake account. If they have sub -comments only enabled its usually so you cant inform that it is a scam, Look out for these signs. Also check the stream views and compare it with the total views on that channel if the total view is less than the stream views its a fake account. Hopefully this helps whoever reads it. :)
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I almost fell for someone claiming to be a well-known RS broadcaster using an emotional title like, "I am quitting runescape, last stream ever." On the stream it replays past broadcast of the actual streamer, with added text that tells you to look below for a link to a fake RuneScape forums post to "read more about why I am quitting."

I almost fell for this! I did click the link, and it brought me to a login page that looked heckin' real. I did not enter any of my info, but instead typed in the actual main website and tried to find the thread myself and could not. Then I went back to the link and I was not automatically logged in, which was suspicious. I noticed the streamer's channel name had a few extra letters. Moments later the stream ended and the Twitch channel itself was deleted.

This is concerning because I am trying to get back into the game, see who is streaming and try and become part of some of the OSRS streaming communities, and I was definitely caught by the emotion of the title. It's always sad to see someone quit.

I ran a quick virus scan, found nothing, changed all my RS account passwords and my Twitch password, and I will do a full scan overnight. Hopefully nothing happens!

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Would be excellent if more players got the chance to view this post, thanks for spending the time writing this

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There is a malicious twitch account purporting to be the rs guy online this morning so beware. It looks exactly like his live stream from yesterday but with an extra digit added to the address. As there is currently a loot share and series event going in this may catch a few unsuspecting watchers so please take care.

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