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CM Shaddie

CM Shaddie

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Hey all,

I suppose it's come to that time to let you all know that tomorrow will be my last regular shift as an LMod in the Community Management Team.

Just like Brandon last year, my own responsibilities have been increasing, both within my position as a Player Support Shift Lead, and with my family.

This whole experience has been a wild one for me, obviously getting to work with Jagex is something a child version of myself would only have dreamt of. Meeting the JMods, FMods and working alongside them has been a pleasure, many of the forum users have been amazing as well, and although I will miss many of you, know that I am not too far. I will still be round to backup CM Nick and the CM Arbor, should they ever need/want some time off.

As with everything, I prefer to keep this short and to the point.

"Just make sure to remind them all how handsome I was."

Thanks everyone!
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15-May-2020 21:41:49

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CM Shaddie it's been a real pleasure working along side you and chatting to you a lot. I do wish you the very best.

I know you will be around when needed so I'll make this short too.

Take care my friend and stay intouch. ;)
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Wtf mate, i have seen many come and go and some i kinda liked a bit cos they was ok but in my honest opinion "and not even a drunken one" you were the 1st to treat us "and in many ways" me as a person and showed us a real caring and understanding towards us and i have never felt a Jagex staff member show so much compassion and love for us, the minions that keep the company afloat.

I for one and probably more than most am saddened by this news but i also understand that someone of your nature is wasted here and will excel and be of more use in a role by far more important than the one you had here.

From the bottom of my heart Shaddsters, i wish you the very best for the future and will always be thankful for what you did for me and the friendship you showed me.

Stay safe my friend.

Much love and more love

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16-May-2020 04:06:36

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Thank you for your service to the forums and everything you've done for this community. As you said you'd still be around, I'll just say.. don't be a stranger!

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16-May-2020 23:36:24

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