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High Level Forum Application

Hello there adventurer!

Do you have level 99 in all RS3 skills? If so, we have something we think will be very relevant to your interests!

We present to you…. The
High Level Forums

What is the High Level Forums?:

The High Level Forums (also known as "
" ) is a relaxed place for our players who have maxed out their skills to hang out, chat, give feedback, discuss updates and share tips with each other. There is no forum chat filter and moderation is kept to a minimum in this forums.

How do I gain access?:

All of your skills must be level 99 in
RuneScape 3

You must set your title in-game to “
” until you receive HLF access. This is to prevent players who aren’t maxed from applying and gaining access to the High Level Forums.

Only request HLF access for your own account and not for someone else’s. You can direct them to this thread so they can post requesting access if they want it.

When are applications processed?:

We try and process the applications on a monthly basis, applications do not have a set time they will be checked by and as a result it could take significantly longer during busy periods. We will try to process the applications as soon as possible.

Anything Else?:

Once your application has been processed your post will be hidden, letting you know that you can now access the High Level Forums.

Once you’ve been given access, make sure to read the
HLF Guidelines and Strike Systems

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Consider this my application (finally) ;)

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