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How fun is this? I'm loving the transparency between Jagex and the community as of late. This has to be the most interconnected things have been in years, which is inspiring. I know you joined in June of last year and, given how you're approaching your 1 year milestone, how're you liking things in your role? It seems like one to where you wake up everyday doing something creative, yet challenging at the same time. :D

05-May-2021 03:29:57

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25 Crawl 274 said:
hi when r u going to fix the item glitch i cant see some items in my bank or my inventory and some graphic issues like no leaves on the trees and some lagging issues
I've yet to hear any news on this, but Jagex are aware of the issue and are working to fix it! :)
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11-May-2021 15:11:20

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