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Hey folks, please see the new thread for more information. I'll still be replying to the most recent concerns here tomorrow, but any new reports are to be made there instead of here.
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As promised here's the final review of this thread, covering a handful of the most recent posts. If your concern hasn't been addressed, is still relevant and you'd still like it to be considered by a J-Mod, please post it on the new thread here.

2_Tron - F-Mods are volunteers who give up a portion of their time to help the community. Outside of this they have lives, jobs and other commitments as well as operating in a variety of different timezones. Because of this, they can't always react immediately when a thread requires moderation or input. 

Dilbert2001 - The F-Mod should have explained their actions better, as even I am baffled by their reasoning. At a push I would rule that your post was borderline off-topic and not in the spirit of similar posts on the thread. I'll talk to the F-Mod but I will not be unhiding your post as the topic has since moved on.

A Cole - Depending on inflection and context, words like "shut up" can still be hurtful or detrimental to the content of the thread. In this instance the F-Mods acted correctly hiding this as the language was unnecessarily rude.

As for your second example, I would say the remarks are very passive aggressive and on the cusp of being rude. I have hidden them.

Dilbert2001 - It appears to me that the way you were spoken to was indeed charged with an amount of hostility, though no specific rules were broken. That said I agree that it doesn't meet the standard of behaviour we want to encourage here, so I've hidden the post.

mr togue - Looks like your post was caught up in a "tidy up" and was hidden as it quoted more malicious content. While I won't unhide it for the same reasons, please know that you didn't breach any rules.


The below were completed a few months ago but never posted due to time constraints. Adding here for transparency of work already carried out.


Jeremy Cheng - Looks as though one of the threads you reported has since been locked as per forum rules. Thanks for reporting.

mr togue - I find myself in agreement and have hidden the post you reported.

LnksSpirit - The login lockout situation was a unique one and our support teams benefited from the abundance of information being shared on the forum during the time. As each thread contributed to important conversation (however slight) there was no reason to lock any.

white mudkip - Please do not misuse FMR or use it to target/insult F-Mods.

LnksSpirit - The situation was resolved by the F-Mods in question.

LnksSpirit - It is my impression that there is some miscommunication/misinterpretation happening between you and the F-Mod in your report. Coming in with fresh eyes I see no need to intervene and support the actions taken by the F-Mod.

G Mask Owner - Your thread was correctly moved to the Rants forum space.

Corpaholic - While I understand the reasons behind the F-Mod's decision to lock the thread in your report, I would love to see it remade with the OP taking on board feedback from the F-Mods and taking an active role in guiding it into a more productive discussion. I'm confident the F-Mod team would give the new thread every opportunity to succeed and if not I will gladly be more heavy handed with moderating it to ensure an important conversation can continue.

Jeremy Cheng - The situation in question is not something that will be discussed here, apologies.

f a k e news - I have been unable to investigate as you didn't include a QFC in your report. From what I understand however the F-Mod in question operated accordingly, following tradition and established forum norms when moderating your thread.

white mudkip - I support the actions taken by the F-Mod in question.

ELITE STACK - While I understand where you're coming from, on this occassion I think the situation doesn't call for ramifications for the F-Mod in question. I will however raise this as a point of dicussion with them when I next can.

LepusISDRY - This thread is not a suitable place to request customer support. Please find more appropriate links on our website.

Dilbert2001 - Following on from my previous promise here in FMR I have looked into the user in your report and taken appropriate action. Please update me if things continue and further action still will be taken.

Dilbert2001 - Since your post here it appears an F-Mod has commented in an effort to halt any conflict. The thread appears to have died, so I will not be taking further action on it.

Corder - An F-Mod has acted already.

Yurple - Thank you for the insightful report. It's given me some food for thought and I've opened it up with some of the F-Mods to consider a new rule for the forum here. I will update here and elsewhere if we enact your recommendation!

Corpaholic - Real world politics are unfortunately against the rules of the forum so your thread was locked accordingly. Please don't misinstrue this as a loss for liberalism or progression however.

As a side note, when considering fixes and improvements J-Mods scan the forums including locked or hidden threads. Just because your thread has been closed doesn't mean your request/suggestion can't be considered.

Dilbert2001 - It looks to me as though the conversation was indeed going in circles. Whether that's your fault or OPs, I think the F-Mod acted in accordance with the rules and I will not be overruling their actions.

Corpaholic - As I mentioned above I think the best step forward would be for OP to remake their post with an understanding from the F-Mods that they should be nurturing discussion and not closing it down as a resonse to 'derailers'. I'll raise it as a talking point with them soon.

2_Tron - Thank you for your report. The situation is a complicated one and I do not believe that anyone should be punished for or feel put off from questioning the activities of Forum Moderators when done correctly. I will have conversations with the team when I'm able to. 

Wilf - Thanks for the report. I have unhidden a couple of benign posts.

Relomia - While I won't move your thread now, I will discuss with the F-Mod in question the process of moving threads and when this process should and shouldn't happen.

Dilbert2001 - I have gone though and retroactively hidden a few more posts on the thread based on your report.

New posts will be reviewed from the new thread.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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04-Aug-2021 13:30:05

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