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*has a vision of an RS which is the first MMO to implement area-driven voice chat*
I mean, like how there's area sound effects, if spoke through a mic then people 1 square away would hear you clearly, people 2 squares away would hear you a bit quieter, etc.
It would be optional, of course (to be a participant or a listener, or just have it off entirely).
And yeah, I use voice chat most of the time while playing.
And if you think the above idea would be impractical due to everyone talking at once in areas like the GE, think again.
If everyone talked at once, no one would be able to hear each other - everyone loses. So a Ventrilo-like conversation would naturally develop so people could actually hear each other.
And in the past the limitation has been the problem of profanities - but now with the option to turn the chat filter off, that's no longer an issue.
I think it would very epic - and no other MMO to my knowledge has such a system.

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