Community Home Rules

Welcome to the Community Home Forum. :)

What is the Community Home Forum for?

The Community Home Forum is where Jagex staff will post the latest information and discussions concerning RuneScape Community Management. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Volunteer Moderator information
  • Monthly community newsletter
  • Official polls discussion and feedback
  • Players’ Gallery discussion and feedback
  • Competitions and Terms & Conditions
  • Fansite support and recommendations
  • Social network announcements and discussions


I’ve found a bug! How do I let Jagex know?

With a piece of software as complex as RuneScape, it's hard to avoid occasional bugs and glitches creeping in. We are always totally committed to making RuneScape as good as it can possibly be, of course, so we aim to fix any bugs as quickly as possible.
If you believe you have found a bug, we would ask you to follow this link to let us know:

Submit a Bug Report

This can also be accessed from the title bar at the top of every page on the site:

Help > Submit a Bug Report

Help! I have an account issue!

To keep our player community safe and to keep cheats out of the game, we run an offence system which records the rule breaking activity of accounts. Usually, offences are added to accounts when a player is reported within the game and a Jagex employee looks at the evidence and decides that a rule has been broken.

We usually allow players to appeal the offences on their account, just in case we have made a mistake or there is an explanation for the rule breaking, which we should take into consideration.

To manage the offences on your account, including appealing offences where this option is available, please use the link below:

Appeal an offence

If you know your current account password, and you would like to change it, please click the link below:

Change your Password

If you have forgotten your password, or you think someone else also knows it, you can set a brand new password from the following link:

Forgotten or Stolen Password?

If we need to send you any important information, we will send it to your account inbox. Use the link below to get to the Message Centre:

Account - Read Messages

If your account has been locked, you can start the unlocking process by using the link below:

Recover a Locked Account

If your account is permanently banned or muted we also offer the opportunity for the account to be reviewed by a specialist team. They will check all the offences and see if they can do anything to get the account unbanned or unmuted.

To access this facility you need to post the name of the account on the 'Account Review Thread' - which is an unlocked sticky at the top of the Contact Us Forum.

You can also access this thread by entering quick find code 103-104-3-58567982 into the 'Jump To Thread' box at the top of any forum.

From time to time, we lock the review thread whilst we catch up with reviewing the accounts. If the thread is locked when you visit it, please check back again in a few days.

Help! I have a payment issue!

If you want to subscribe your account to become a member, please use this link to get things started.

If you are already a member, or wish to raise an issue with us relating to your account billing, please use our billing query service.

We know that matters relating to your account subscription are really important. For this reason, we provide a lot of information on our site, and we also have a dedicated billing forum which contains the answers to the vast majority of billing questions.