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Treemaid said:
there's a section in the 'submit a bug report' option from the 'support' drop down menu, top right, for reporting mistakes in wording too. You could try that if you haven't already? :)

Ok, will do that when I have time :)

EDITED: Sent a bug report :)

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Theirs an issue with the time on the forums.
Go to my last post on Rune Kin and see Kossith (Clan Owner) posting time
(See next post for the time below)

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Interesting an forum update

Original message details are unavailable.
Some minor things have been changed today!

We now have HTML5 validation in all places where you create a thread or post, so if you forget to fill in the title or message you should now see a little message from your browser (if it supports it, most do) to inform you before it submits it to the server.

We fixed the issue where there was a "Click here and type your message" tooltip when you put your mouse on the text area where you write your post.

BBCode buttons should now be much more nicely aligned.

When replying to a thread using the full reply page or when adding a new thread we moved the "Cancel" button away from the bottom right corner (I can't tell you how many times I clicked this by accident :@) and into the top right. It is also now a "Return to..." button to be consistent with other parts of the forum.

Hope you like these minor things, more will be coming soon :)

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