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W&F Discussion and Chat

Welcome to the Website & Forum Discussion and Chat thread!

What is this thread for?

This thread is for the W&F pixies to hang out and chat. Whether you want to chat about about the website, the RuneScape Official Forum or just want to have a general chat with other forum folk, feel free to pull up a seat and relax.

Threads you may be looking for:

The Website Improvement Thread - Suggest/Discuss ideas to improve the RS Website.

Website & Forum Content Quick Fixes - Suggest smaller changes/fixes to the site.

Full List of BBCode Colours - Make your thread look

Forum Help - Request moderator assistance here. (Title changes/Report rule breaking)

Need to report a bug with the website? Click here!

Kick back, put your forum hat on and enjoy!

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Just so people don't miss what Tree and Mist said (I'll edit this post once people have read it)

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New thread would be awesome with quick quick find code links to all the different useful stickies but I agree with Sookie.... Partially.

Definitely need to include stickies in other forums, but can't see why useful navigation around the forum shouldn't be implemented alongside it x

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Original message details are unavailable.
Would anyone be upset if I recreated this thread? I'd like to put helpful links to your community threads such as the W&F Improvements and W&F Quick Fixes in the OP.

What, recreate this thread!? :o Waaaaaaaah! :'(
(Runs to save posts)

Only joking :P

Well, why not, it would be good to have an OP who's actually still with Jagex, if nothing else!
And yes, some links would be useful too, both the stickies and non-stickies, certainly no harm in having them anyway!

Just one thought, the W&F Discussion thread has traditionally been focussed on just that, 'discussion'. That's mainly because of the title, but also because of the nature of the opening post. I do like the fact that we can discuss serious website and forums topics here, without our posts disappearing in a throng of short unsubstantial chit chat within minutes, but I also sometimes wish it was just a tad more...well...'chatty', you know? Not too much, but just a bit!

With that in mind, perhaps EITHER the new title could incorporate the word 'chat', whilst retaining the focus the current focus on discussion in the opening post, OR, the title could remain as it is, but a sentence popped in the opening post just so that's it's clear to those who frequent the W&F forums that it's ok to just drop by for a quick chatty exchange with their fellow forumers too?

Not sure what others might think about that? I'd not like to lose the quality discussion feel of this thread entirely! It's pretty unique in that way as a 'chat' thread, if it is a 'chat thread' at all that is, and that uniqueness is good. It's just that it might be nice to feel free to relate with other players a little less formally on it too? :)

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Indeedy, but hopefully the links will be of some use.

Also, I don't think there's much need for me to link to other areas of the forum as usually this is very unlikely to be the first forum a person goes to. What do you guys think?

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Ok, how about a link to forum help and maybe some interesting threads to read in this forum section? Ones that aren't stickies I mean.

I was too late with my edit. changed my mind.

EDIT: And I liked how people felt comfortable enough on the last thread to ask forum related questions. Especially the newcomers to the forum. I hope that still happens on this thread. I am sure it will.

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That looks wonderful Chrisso, thanks. :)
I like the 'W & F pixies' lol. Always fancied myself as a pixie!

Perhaps you could add a link to The WIT too? It could do with a bit of attention bringing its way if it's going to be a really useful resource for you guys.

I also like Sookie's suggestion of a mention of Forum Help, and what it's for. A link wouldn't work, unless you're going to update that weekly as the thread's refreshed, but you could mention where it is and its purpose? Someone unfamiliar with the forums needing mod help on a forum issue might well seek that in this forum or even on this thread I'm thinking.

Not sure about other threads from other forums, depends what they are really. What sort of things apart from Forum Help have those who mentioned that got in mind?
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Please also remove the filter from our siggies Jagex! :)

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