Endless bumping is bad

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To continue from the previous post, I found the example I was referring to: The net is closing in.

Page 98, Post #7: OP is warned that they must add fresh new content by a Forum Moderator in order to keep the thread going and alive.

Page 99, Post #2: A year and three months later, the thread in question is locked by another Forum Moderator because OP failed to add new content and instead, just kept bumping the thread without it. The thread was created in 2018 and OP just kept bumping it through September 2021 without adding anything new, which was picked up by the Forum Moderator Team.

If the scenario is like the one presented above, then that's a different story. You are given a chance to add new content and if you do not, then it's considered gravebumping. Mind you, if the Forum Moderator didn't wish to give OP the benefit of the doubt, they would have simply locked the thread first hand without a warning because the gravebumping had already occurred. I presume that the Forum Moderator in question thought it was ideal to allow them to change.

The above is indeed considered SPAM and thus gravebumping by the rules.

24-Sep-2021 14:38:12



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Deltaslug said:
Be nice if they added in the ability to bump your thread without the long cooldown
I do not think that this would be ideal nor practical because you would have players continuously bumping their thread to make sure that it's at the top. I think that it'd cause more harm than good. It'd be like a never-ending competition. Newer threads would be pushed down, unless that specific OP also joins the competition :P.

29-Sep-2021 17:46:02

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@Mrs Ana
I acknowledge that the opinions I hold about what constitutes spam are not the same as the rules on spam. That's the reason I'm saying it. If what I considered spam was already spam by the rules, the only thing worth saying would be, 'please enforce your rules'. Rather, I am suggesting that the rules are insufficient for the purposes of facilitating meaninful discussion and instead lend themselves to lazy, meaningless contributions being too common.

At any rate, my main point in this thread was to gripe about threads which continually wind up on page 1 despite receiving no contributions in a long time and to suggest a possible solution. My concern is more about fixing the problem than whether or not my solution was the one used. I don't care about the solution as long as the problem is fixed.
Dilbert2001 said:
A question on grave bumping: how many days of inactivity will send a thread to graveyard?
That's a good question. Personally I was under the impression that gravebumping wasn't against the rules on the RSOF, rather the page 50 keeps things moving.

IMO 50 pages is kinda way too much. If they want to keep old threads around for posterity, they should make the normal forums be 5 pages long and add an 'archive' which holds 50 pages of old threads that you can't post in.

02-Oct-2021 22:19:13

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