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1.7 FAQ

What is a thread?

A thread is a discussion. When you enter the forums you can see the different forums. When you click at a forum you find the threads in a list. In this list, you can see who last posted when in which thread and the thread title.

What is an OP?

OP means original poster with which the thread creator is meant.

What is a sticky?

A sticky is a thread that has been recognized as very helpful or very important and therefore has been made stuck as one of the first threads of the forum you are in. Normal threads are made to stickies by Jagex or forum moderators (after a discussion within the team).

Who can write on the forums?

Every RuneScape member can post on the forums and every free-to-play (F2P) player with total level 350.

Where do I start?

Pick a forum that really interests you. You wanna give Jagex feedback about a recent update? Head to recent updates. Do you want to complain? Log in and head to rants. Do you need help with something? Look at the forum that suits best for your matter.

How do I fastly get many posts?

There are some strategies. First of all, you go to forum games and post there. Then you go through the suggestions forum. You may be able to express what you think about every suggestion. Best would, of course, be if you really discuss the suggestion, add sub-suggestions and help make it a good one.

Then you can continue with the General forum – there are also usually threads that can be easily answered.
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What are the forum ranks?

Depending on your number of posts you get a rank. Here are the ranks listed:

Number of posts| Name

1 | Bronze

50 | Iron
200 | Silver
500 | Steel
750 | Gold
1.000 | Mithril
2.500 | Adamant
5.000 | Rune

50.000 | Emerald
100.000 | Ruby
250.000 | Diamond

500.000 | Dragon stone
1.000.000 | Onyx
2.500.000 | Hydrix

This is what they look like:

How do I change the title of a thread I created?

You can not change the title yourself. You'll need to request a title change in forum help.
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2.2 Quick-Find-Codes

Quick-Find-Codes are Codes that make you quickly find a thread. Just copy the code which you can see at the top and at the bottom of every thread in the searching field and you find a thread. Posts can have a quick-find code as well. You find the quick-find-code of any post when you quote it. [ quote id= Quick-Find-Codes] :).

2.3 Links

You can link to threads on these Forums using "[qfc id= Quick-Find-Codes]Write your link text here[/qfc]". You can also link to an URL. For this purpose use "[link url=Url you wish you link to]link text [/link]".

Getting a link from a closed thread is a bit harder but not impossible. There is no known way getting the quick-find-code of a Jmod post in a closed thread but there's a way to get the QFC of a normal user.
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Gidedin said:

Original message details are unavailable.
There is still a way to get the ReplyUID, but isn't easy :P


- Remove char limit in Stories - Locked by TheJLC
- [qfc id=278-279-560-64693728-1-324133688]Remove char limit in Stories - Locked by TheJLC[/qfc]

Notice how, even if the thread is locked, I can get the Thread Id. I did that by using the 'Highlight' function. After the escalate action, there is the Reply Number followed by the ReplyUID.

Explaining the link:


: The Thread QFC. The - symbols are changed to comas.
: The action that sends the link to the Highlight function on the internal server.
: The reply number inside the thread. Starting at Zero on the opening.
: The ReplyUID. The same one that comes in the Quoting System.


Still, isn't a good way and something should be implemented to make it easier :)

About the 'Impossible to get ReplyUID from Locked Threads'.

Hope it helps.

[qfc id=null]Gidedin[/qfc]
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2.4 User profiles

Here's what my (English) user profile looks like:

As you can see you can sometimes easier find the threads you posted in and look for a response through your user profile :) . Especially when you haven't been on the forums for a while.

2.5 How to upload an image

There's already a sticky created by Werewolf. In the following, I'll just quote him:
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Werewolf said:
persuming you already have your image heres a step by step guide on how to get your image from your computer to the runescape forums, you will need to go offsite in a new tab during the process

first go to

then go to the top and click new post then upload image

you will then get an upload box like this

click browse and locate your pic

once its uploaded right click the image and select open image in new tab

Note: if your browsing in Firefox the right click option will be "View Image"

then take the end of your link off your chosen pic

now is the time to come to the runescape forums click on the imgur button circled here and paste in your url, this should look similar to this [imgur src=94as1CI.jpg]

jobs a good one click post and your pic will appear on the forums under a spoiler box, please note no text and it wont post so you will need to write something as i have written "this is how"

this is the final result

If your having trouble taking screenshots for windows 10 Click Here
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Werewolf said:
when uploading an image please make sure its in line with the code of conduct and the rules of imgur

Code of Conduct

Images must not include or display:
Cheating, gambling, or circumventing other Jagex rules.
Excessive Gore or mutilation
"Hate Speech" - Demeaning race, gender, age, religious or sexual orientation, etc.
Threats, harassment or language that is generally considered rude - including swearing
Content that encourages violence or crime
Illegal activities, such as drug use.
Any type of sexual content or inappropriate nudity
Any images that contain the above will be removed.
Do not use images which are copyrighted or trademarked. Any usage will be at the poster's own risk.
Posting images containing sexual content will result in an immediate and permanent forum ban without warning.
Jagex reserves the right to delete any image which it deems inappropriate.

Imgur Rules

No nudity or sexually explicit content.
Provocative, inflammatory, unsettling, or suggestive posts should be marked as mature.
No hate speech, abuse, or harassment.
No content that condones illegal or violent activity.
No gore or mutilation.
No posting personal information.
No spam.
No posts that violate Imgur's terms of service.
Good Sharing Practices


Once you get the hang of uploading images there's a sneaky little shortcut you can use, this has been tried and tested with jpg and gif formats

Whatusaytome said:
After you upload your image to imgur, you don't actually have to "open in new tab" or "view image"

Take the code from the picture itself directly after uploading and put it in the [imgur src=] and type .png after

this code right here, it saves a step or two :)

It should look like this
[imgur src=YOURLINK.png]

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2.6 Colours

You can see nearly all functions the forums have on offer when you reply to a thread. Only colors – there are far more colors than you can choose from. Here's the complete list:

Iceberg said:

Pink Colours


Red Colours


Orange Colours

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