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I'm a heavy user of the APIs for clan related tracking.

I'd like to give some feedback on the APIs I've been using over the years and maybe ask if there are any plans to touch them at all? Anyway, jumping right into it...

1. Can we please add a unique key to track users? The system I maintain stores information (think, number of caps/visits, point system, etc...) and username is the only unique thing I have to go on. So when users change their name, all of that data goes with it. There are ways to "guess" but it really isn't concrete and sometimes getting that "guess" wrong is harder to fix than manually going to find out.

2. Is there any way to use the RuneMetrics API for users with RuneMetrics set to private? In this case we would then only get the data that the Highscores Lite API returns such as skill levels/experience/rank. The Highscores Lite API is way more painful to deal with in terms of rate limits and formatting of data

3. Speaking of rate limits, is it possible to provide a batching service? As in I provide a CSV of usernames I'd like to pull the RuneMetrics data for and the response comes in the form of an array of objects instead of having to go one at a time. I see this as a potential win/win because it could reduce calls and load on your infrastructure too.

4. Since I am mainly in the Clan space, wondering if there are any plans for additions to the Clan API? I worked close with Shauny while he was there and know there are limitations with how Clans were built. But anything at this point would be welcomed!

5. In the same way as users, clans are also unique based on a name. Could we get a unique ID for clans too?

Thanks for hearing me out at least - I've had this tool for quite a while now and always am looking for ways to improve the usability of the tool for my userbase! Happy to chat more about this or anything else if you want.


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