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By ‘advertising’ we mean using chat in game that mentions websites, or chat that could lead people to websites, that are not appropriate to be shared in our games. This means websites that offer (not a full list:)

Gold (GP) selling
In-game item selling
Cheating and macroing services
Private servers
Account services
Accounts for sale
Inappropriate advertising also includes links related to ‘gambling’, 'phishing' (fake sites designed to steal your account details) or sites that host illegal and adult content.

Some of these websites can contain viruses and keyloggers designed to steal information from you or weaken your account security. You may also see websites being promoted as part of the 'giving money away' scam mentioned in the 'Scamming' section above.

How does this impact the forums? I know that previously the rules have been quite lax on links to fansites etc. but what about signature links and and clearly promoted sites.

More specifically I'm referring the blatant spamming of certain discords links, primarily in the Item Trade forums. I've asked about this in the Forum Review thread and Mod Kari stated that she and the other Forum Moderation team would be looking into this.

If someone wants to advertise their clan, then that belongs in the Clan Forums, I don't think it's appropriate to be spamming it on the other forums. Especially when a lot of these abusers are known to violate In-Game rules (i.e. giveaways, auto-typers, etc).
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