The Savage Cabbages wants you!

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What did the cabbage say to the tree?

Lettuce leaf
Oh, I don't try to hide my weird. I like to wave it around. It scares off the boring people and it's a like a beacon for my fellow weirdos.

01-Dec-2021 07:20:22

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The Savage Cabbages has something for everyone: beginners, returning players, and veterans!

Skillers - Our citadel is tier 7

PvM - Our elite bossers regularly lead groups, especially during free death weeks

Adventurers - We play mini-games, hold for-fun competitions in-clan and with our rival clan, and are always available for questions about quests and achievements

Bankstanders - We have an active clan chat and Discord

So hop in the guest clan chat and say hello today!
Always leave 'em blinking...

13-Dec-2021 12:19:01

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