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Nex Best
Aug Member 2021

Nex Best

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Display name: Nex Best

Combat Level: 132

Total Level: 2182

Previous Clan(s): N/A

Do you have any current goals in RuneScape?: Unlock curses and overloads

Do you agree to follow our code of conduct?: Yes

Do you use Discord?: Yes

Were you introduced or recruited to the clan by anyone in particular?: No

Is there anything you would like to tell us about yourself?:

I'm a laid back guy that enjoys casual PvM, but would love to get into to some harder content as I continue to progress my account.

29-Sep-2021 03:36:10

May Member 2021


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º‹„¸¸¸„> Congratulations <„¸¸¸„>º

¸.•º°º•‹„¸¸¸„‹°(Nex Best)°‹„¸¸¸„<•º°º•.¸

You have been accepted into Silent Knight! To get started, please contact an admin with a bronze rank (Admin) or higher to be added to the clan. You can do this either through pm, or by joining the clan chat channel 'silent knight' - a list of ranks can be found on page one at the bottom in case you didn't see it.

We have a clan discord that we encourage all of our members to use, so be sure to ask your inviting admin to join and post an introduction if you're in the mood!

Have fun, and welcome to Silent Knight :)
Admin of Silent Knight

29-Sep-2021 03:38:23

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