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Game Based:
1) What is your runescape name? Lord_Raven06
2) How long have you been playing RS? 2005 I think, but just came back recently
3) Do you have any set goals in the game? improving levels
4) Are you primarily skill or combat oriented? Skill
5) What is your total level? 954
6) What is your highest skill and its level? 68 strength
7) Who recruited you to RSST? If no one, how did you find us?: forum search

8) Are you a mature player? yes
9) What time zone do you live in? Mountain
10) What are the most frequent times you are in game? varies depending on work

Clan Based:
11) What other clans have you been a member of? None
12) Why are you no longer a member of the clan(s)? Clans didnt exist when i last played
13) How long has it been since you left your last clan? never
14) Are you currently a member of any clan, and which one? No
15) Have you read the clan rules and expectations? Yes
16) Do you understand that you must be logged into clan chat most of the time you are online? Yes
17) Do you understand that you must register on our off-site clan forums, read them regularly, and post occasionally? Yes
18) Do you understand that we are a profanity-free clan? Yes
19) Are you willing to contribute to the efforts of others? Yes
20) Are you willing to contribute your own tips and hints? Doubt they are useful anymore lol
21) What is your favorite thing to do in RS? playing with friends
22) Anything else you would like for us to know about you? Played for several years back when OSRS was runescape, just getting back into the game recently and looking for a friendly place to work on skills and levels

27-Sep-2021 18:07:24

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Hi Lord_Raven06! I'm looking forward to meeting you. Please add me, Mikenificent, I_Am_TheRick, and blue kestrel to your friends list so we can contact you in-game. Hope to see you soon!

27-Sep-2021 23:49:01

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