StarryKnights Recruiting!!

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~English is our mutual language, so only English will be accepted in clan chat. (those who speak poor english are very
welcomed, you can adapt to the language easily while being around it)
~Very active, we hit t7 cit in 7 months!
~Everyone is friendly and helpful, we bs while skilling in cc, or group up for pvm.
~We've just started branching out into AOD, raids, and R.O.T.S. More to come!!
~We are very fluent in all ed's if youre looking for groups, or to be taught.
~A lot of players from North america, but we have people from NZ, UK, Netherlands, etc..
We keep it culturally diverse, plus this helps chat stay active throughout more hours of the day!

~Very casual clan with very relaxed rules, just be a decent human being.
~We welcome anyone friendly, new or veteran, the vets we have in our ranks have been playing for up to 18 years, some have even achieved the completionist cape. Every single one of them is happy to teach any newer player whatever they are inerested in learning.

Feel free to pm me directly if youre interested in joining, or guesting to feel the vibe!

IGN: Twerk4_Jesus

19-Sep-2021 21:47:31

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