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Hi there! Welcome to the Spirits of Arianwyn recruitment topic!

Spirits of Arianwyn is a social/community clan. Our goal is to maintain our strong community where people can chat, hang out and have fun in a relaxed and respectful atmosphere. We don’t believe in strict requirements like mandatory attendance and capping. Ultimately, RuneScape is a game and we want our members to be able to play and have fun without stress.

Our clan is based around an elf theme and is named after Arianwyn, the leader of the Rebel Elves.

We host a variety of events every week. All of these are optional! We also have a Tier 7 Citadel, but no mandatory capping requirement.

If you are looking for a great group of people to hang out with in a relaxed way, without a lot of demands and requirements, we may just be the clan you are looking for.

To come talk with us please make your way over to our clan chat, "Spirits of Arianwyn". Visitors are always welcome! We have open arms to anyone that wants to join. If you are respectful, friendly, follow all RuneScape rules and like to have fun with a great group of people from all over the world, SoA may be just what you are looking for. :)

For more in depth info about the different aspects of the clan, check out the other posts below!

Basic Clan Information

Clan chat
: "Spirits of Arianwyn"
: Princess Rae, Scotty, Elktz, Lilly and Applejuiceaj.
: Princess Rae & Scotty
: 28 February 2010
Home world
: W116
Clan Website/Forums
: @SoA_RS

(Leaders listed have permission to request action on this thread)
Spirits of Arianwyn | @Rae_Aus

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How to join?

In SoA, we have an application process that helps you find your way into the clan and bond with our members, as well as maintain a friendly and respectful community that sticks together. Our applications run through our offsite forums at

1. Introduce yourself! Post an application on our offsite forums and get an invite to the CC so you can start bonding with our community. Please note that this does not make you a full member of SoA yet.

2. Start bonding with our community. Within 7 days you'll be promoted to the Tylar rank, this is a temporary rank which you’ll stay at for a month. During this time, you get a personal mentor assigned to you. They will help you out with any questions you have and help you settle in.

3. Graduate to Myrth. You’re now a full member!

There are no requirements to join, other than being respectful and following the clan and RuneScape rules.

If you have any questions about this, don't hesitate to guest in the CC and ask away! An online staff member will help you out.
Spirits of Arianwyn

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SoA rank system explained

The clan member ranks in SoA are distributed solely based on how long you have been in SoA, that means everyone progresses at the same pace. These ranks are solely a recognition of loyalty, the only difference between them is the possibility of becoming an avatar warden (see below).

We also have staff and leadership ranks. In SoA we like to have a broad leadership and staff team. There are four teams: Recruitment, Tylar Mentoring, Resources and Events. Every team has a leader and a co-leader and a couple staff members. Having a broad team makes sure that there’s a lot of different input to complement each other, to represent the clan's best interest. It also makes sure that all the work doesn’t rest on a few individuals. Everyone that has been a Myrth (full member) for more than a month can apply for a staff position. Staff members get chosen for their qualities, not because they are friends with the right people. Staff members that show exceptional dedication to the team, can be invited for a leadership position.

Here’s a quick overview of our different ranks

(Owner/Deputy Owner): This is our highest leadership rank, earned by showing EXTREME dedication to Spirits of Arianwyn. This rank is chosen by current Eldars (Leaders).

(Overseer): This is a leadership rank earned by showing great dedication to SoA. This rank is chosen by current Eldars (Leaders).

(Coordinator): This is a retired-Leader rank, but still has staff-level input.

(Coordinator): You can gain this rank by showing dedication to SoA. This rank is chosen by current Leadership through applications. Every full member that has been with us for over a month can apply.
Eldar of Recruitment- Spirits of Arianwyn

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SoA ranks explained (part 2)

Voronwë Elves
(Organiser): Our Unsurpassed Loyalty rank, earned after being a Tylar/Myrth+ for 5 years.

Elendur Elves
(Administrator): Our Extreme Loyalty rank, earned after being a Tylar/Myrth+ for 3 years.

Sadron Elves
(General): You gain the Sadron Rank, or our Super Loyalty rank, after being a Tylar/Myrth+ for 1 year.

Athem Elves
(Captain): You gain the Athem Rank, or our Loyalty rank, after being a Tylar/Myrth for 6 months.

Myrth Elves
(Lieutenant): You gain this rank after having been a Tylar for one month.

Tylar Elves
(Sergeant): To gain this rank, you need to go through our application process. If you are accepted, you become a Tylar. Welcome!

Clan Thar
Eligible Intro
(Corporal): To gain this rank, stay active in game and on our forums for 5 days after you intro.

Guest (Recruit): To gain this rank, request an invite in-game from Staff after posting an intro on our forums.
Eldar of Recruitment- Spirits of Arianwyn

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Current staff and leadership

: Leaders (Owner/deputy owner rank in cc)
- Applejuiceaj
- Boss Shanks
- Larcenist
- Plak
- Princess Rae
- Scotty
- Wizanthony

: Co-Leaders/Advisors (Overseer rank in cc)
- Firesteal918

External Communications Administrator
: (Overseer rank in cc)
- Roving

: Retired Leader (Coordinator rank in cc)
- Diggumup
- Elktz
- Gythux
- Msottement
- Psychojonas
- Sesquialtera
- Sgt Pepper

: Staff (Coordinator rank in cc)
- Astrose: Arquendi of Resources
- DNA Rex: Arquendi of Resources
- Guzma: Arquendi of Events
- Holbytla: Arquendi of Events
- Kristi: Arquendi of Recruitment
- Lzy: Arquendi of Events
- Mandypandy: Arquendi of Tylars
- Meister Yuki: Arquendi of Tylars
- Shinza: Arquendi of Recruitment
- Skrill-a-lot: Arquendi of Tylars

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Clan Rules

Respect clan members and friends

You are expected to respect all clan members and friends. This means you should NOT be racist, sexist or homophobic and should respect each member as a person. If you feel there may be issues with a clan member, please act mature about it and speak to the person privately. You can ask a clan leader to be present if both would like that to be the course of action. In SoA we want to stay away from clan disputes and arguments, we see SoA as a place to enjoy the game together as a community.

Follow and abide by all Jagex rules on all Jagex games/forums etc.

While in SoA you are expected to follow all Jagex rules and act honorably within the game.


Gambling is against the Rules of RuneScape, and as such, those who host, promote, or participate in RuneScape Gambling will be exited from the clan.


While we are happy for you to be a member of other Clans and Friend Chats, if you wish to be a member of SoA, you must be ranked in our Clan Chat.

Attendance and Activity

In SoA there are no attendance requirements. However we would prefer that members are active within some of the following: Clan Chat, In-Game Events, Forums or Discord. If we find that you haven't been around for a while we will contact you and ask if everything is ok. If necessary we will let you know that the retirement rank is available.

Treat communications with respect: (Forums, Discord, Clan chat)

The forums are paid for out of the clan's pocket and all the platforms are maintained through a lot of effort.


Full members (Myrth+) are allowed to retire, whenever they wish, to the rank of Bael. This rank is for members who are no longer actively playing RuneScape but who don't want to totally leave the clan. They can return to an active rank per request at any point. Tylars who become inactive will be returned to the rank of Thar.

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The Citadel

A place we built together, starting at Tier 1 and with the contribution of many elves, in April 2012, we managed to achieve Tier 7!

We then installed Flare, our Citadel Dragon, gained three avatars, Blaze, Periwinkle, and Squirtle and fully completed our Citadel with the best of everything! A true display of teamwork & dedication throughout the whole clan.

Like the rest of our events, helping at the citadel is completely optional, but if you'd like to help with upkeep and grab some free XP, please do so!

If you feel like checking our citadel, feel free to come along, guests are welcome!

Check out a picture of our citadel and a video Drum (who previously won a golden gnome for his videomaking skills) made there!

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Spirits of Arianwyn was present at every Runefest edition! Our record is 22 attendees in 2015. Across those editions, four of our clan members received a golden gnome!

- Josh1391: Best Animation RSMV 2010

- Robz (Drum): Best Machinima Short Story 2010

- Princess Rae: Community Champion 2014

- Alexander: Special recognition 2015

Here are some pictures from SoA at RuneFest and of the Lanyards we handed out!

Spirits of Arianwyn | @Rae_Aus

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