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Following the release of special pets from Solomon’s General store, there’s a new creature joining the blazehound and skypouncer: say hello to the bloodpouncer, available free with selected RuneScape membership cards!

bloodpouncer game card pet

This vampyric feline has bags of bloodthirsty character, and has the same cool features as Solomon's Special Pets - it grows over time, has up to six activated emotes and can perform handy functions such as grabbing loot for you and foraging for items.

To get your own bloodpouncer, you'll need to buy any 90 or 100 day RuneScape game card at any retailer – or a red RuneScape pre-paid card – and redeem it between the 20th December 2012 and the 31st January 2013 (inclusive).

Please note: the offer does not apply for Ultimate Game Cards.

For details of where to find your closest retailer, take a look at our store locator page. If you don't have a store nearby, don't worry. Many of our participating retailers also run online shops.

Please note: Unless you are buying Walmart's email delivery card, you'll need to ensure that any card you buy online is a physical card sent to you via the mail. Walmart's email delivery card is the only digital voucher that will get you the pet.

Remember, this offer lasts for six weeks only, so be sure to grab your bloodpouncer now – it’s also a great way to top up your RuneScape membership for the coming months, and you'll be getting an awesome pet worth $35 for free, along with your three months of members' access!

Be sure to check out our FAQ for any questions you might have about claiming your own bloodpouncer.

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aaw 2nd....

I still prefer the gold membership package...


That outfit looks freaking awesome!
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Edit: 3rd on a Jmod thread! W00T!

Soooo glad I waited until now to get membership this Christmas! However I'm certain a lot of people will be VERY annoyed about this..

Also there seems to be a RIDICULOUS amount of micro-payment-related news posts lately.. there seems to be a Solomon's and Squeal of Fortune update every single week! Why is this? This Christmas you can only get the best rewards through Squeal and Solomon's. Where's the Christmas spirit in that, Jagex? I also remember you saying when Solomon's was released that you'd only put COSMETIC items on there... but these pets have distinct advantages! In fact you're labeling them as having unique abilities!
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Pets can loot:

Runes & talismans
Herbs & seeds
Metal bars & ores
Bones & ashes
Raw & cooked food
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The bloodpouncer pet is NOT going to be part of the premium gold membership.

You can buy *he red, 25 dollar (USA) pre-paid Runescape card and get the bloodpouncer from the variety of options, membership, runecoins, spins or a combinations of them.

I selected runecoins and I got my bloodpouncer. So it is NOT exclusive to membership purchase. DO NOT buy the 10 dollar green card, as it will likely not give you a bloodpouncer.

If you are having issues with card redemption, they have a sticky in the billing support forum to help you with problems.

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