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Make it more of a skilling "hardmode", you have to collect your own supplies... Adds an extra bit of a challenge to it... idk, maybe when you have "prestige" system on you can have some kind of list that tracks how many of what item you have collected... seems easier than making 2 of every item(skilling items wise) one for regular drops when "prestige" isn't on(system already live in-game), and the "prestige" drop which could be marked kinda like dung binds (p) or w/e... this truly makes it an even race for everybody, you can't simply buy your way at the start, hell if you want make the "prestige/hardmode" items sell-able... gives the special elitist group extra items to sell/manipulate/merch (...whatever kids are calling it these days), the items among each other... again truely making it fair for everybody, more so if the stuff isn't tradable gathering wise, people should still be able to sell loot from slayer, or w/e production skill... so you could also add in somekind of way to convert "prestige/hardmode" materials to regular to be sold as "normal" version if somebody chooses they don't want to participate in it anymore

Me personally I don't find it fair to elitist that have already worked hard(spent a lot of time/money/both)... have to restart from 0 xp with this system and the lost rank they already put all this money/time into, maybe they feel the same way... you should consider reaching out to a few from that community instead of the general player base, seeing as most players could care less about xp after 99/120 dung

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Gonio said:
From what I've gathered from other people is this:

Stop making extremely low lvl content (novice quests, low lvl training, ect)
Stop making extremely high lvl content (grandmaster quests, higher lvl training, 'hardest boss monsters ever to walk the face of RS, ect)

and actually make the core content worthwhile!

fix abandoned minigames, make more mid lvl monsters, make already in place items useful, and make more quests experienced/master rather than on both ends of the spectrum.

What is considered "high" level content and what is considered "low" level... they kinda go hand in hand... cuz them being too "high" or too "low" is more of an opinion... Maybe a more appropriate suggestion is to better the rewards for the higher end... and/or maybe making dead content monsters aimed at the people that could benefit from what they have to offer... and for dead content minigames a lot of the pvp ones are abandoned because of combat system...
For example-Fog no incentive because it used to be heavily used for free magic xp, which air staff gives now... added with the items are dead content... wouldn't be able to tell you how game-play is there, its been dead content as long as I can remember

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