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Premier Club 2014

It's back! RuneScape's illustrious membership club has returned with new rewards for the upcoming year.

2014 boasts epic new quests, the brand-new Invention skill and more massive in-game events. All this is just a glimpse of what RuneScape has in store for members in the upcoming year. You really don’t want to miss out on all of this, so put RuneScape membership on your Christmas list and join the Premier Club!

Choose from three rewarding membership offers: Gold, Silver and Bronze. All three provide membership at a great price and are full of benefits and bonuses. Our Gold package includes everything here:

  • 12 months of membership.

  • 150,000 Loyalty Points.

  • Premier Club-only pet: Piggles the Flying Pig.

  • Premier Club-only pet: Commander Porkins.

  • One extra daily spin on Squeal of Fortune.

  • VIP world – an exclusive game world for Gold Premier Club members.

  • Exclusive Q&A sessions hosted on the VIP world.

  • VIP badge (can be toggled) that appears besides your name in chat and on the forums.

  • Promotional Items from 2013 and 2014, including pre-paid card cosmetic items.

Already a member? Joining the Premier Club won’t cost you any membership days. Your existing membership will be paused, and when your Premier Club membership ends, your original subscription will resume.

Entry to the Premier Club is open for a limited time only, so don’t miss out on any of these amazing benefits – click here and join the Premier Club now!

An important note about Bonds: You will be able to redeem your RuneScape Bonds for Premier Club Membership from Wednesday 11th December.

Any questions? Be sure to check out our Premier Club FAQ.

The RuneScape Team

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Are you looking to top up on your membership? Trying to find the best package for you? Then look no further – from the 3rd December to early 2014, the Premier Club packages are back!

What comes with the Premier Packages?

Membership - All

Each package starts off with some membership to get you started. Bronze gives you 3 months to enjoy, Silver rewards 6 months and the Gold package has an entire 12 months of the full RuneScape members' experience!

Loyalty Points - All

Each of the Premier Club packages will hand out a gracious amount of Loyalty Points, for you to spend in Solomon’s Store on whatever your heart desires.

  • Bronze packages award 20,000 points

  • Silver packages award 50,000 points

  • Gold packages award 150,000 points

Piggles the Flying Pig - All

Any Bronze, Silver or Gold package will give you the perfect pet – Piggles the Flying Pig! This follower pet will fly around after you on your adventures, making you the envy of all your friends!

Extra Spin on the Squeal of Fortune – Silver, Gold

The additional daily spin on the Squeal of Fortune makes a return, with Silver and Gold membership packages including this tasty addition. The extra spin per day will last until your Silver or Gold Premier Club Membership finishes.

Promotional Items from 2013 and 2014 – Gold only

This includes all of the pre-paid card items from the past year, plus all items that are released in 2014. So far, that’s:

  • Bloodpouncer Pet

  • Skypouncer outfit

  • Capoeira Outfit

  • Aurora Armour

  • Clown Mask

Look out for more as 2014 rolls on!

VIP World – Gold only
That’s right – one world exclusively for Gold Premier Club members! Get away from the busy crowds and enter your own spacious world.

VIP Chat Badge – Gold only

Your very own Premier Club badge! Have this star badge in front of your speech in game, to mark you out as a Premier Club Gold member.

The badge can be turned on or off at your will. To do so, you’ll see a shiny new star in your chat interface – next to your online status diamond and report abuse button. Click the star to toggle your new badge on or off.

VIP Forum Badge

You will also have an exclusive badge on the forums to show off your Premier Club membership. This will appear where your regular membership icon was previously.

Exclusive Q&As – Gold only

Have a question for a JMod? We’ll be holding exclusive Q&A sessions on the VIP worlds, for you to take advantage of. More information to come - to Gold members only!

Commander Porkins – Silver & Gold

That’s right! The flying pig pet with extra armour and extra style. Commander Porkins is Piggles's superior officer, so he comes with a fancier look and a 'Skywriting' emote.

What happens to my subscription with the Premier club membership?

For credit card or PayPal subscriptions, the regular payments will be paused. Your new membership will be added to your account, and you won’t be billed again on your old subscription until you have fewer than 3 days of members' access remaining.

However, if you have a subscription that is paying both RuneScape and FunOrb membership, this subscription will continue to rebill you. This is because it is paying for your FunOrb membership. The membership purchased with this subscription will simply stack up on your RuneScape account and can be used as normal.

If you have a Boku subscription, it will continue to bill you on the same day of every month until it is cancelled. All membership purchased will stack up on your account, and can be used up to when the Premier club membership expires.

If you have a lowered loyalty rate, this rate will remain on your account whilst you have membership ongoing. You'll still be able to set up a new subscription at the lowered rate after the Premier Membership expires.

How can I buy the packages with Bonds?

Payment with Bonds will be available from Wednesday 11th December. After that update, you’ll be able to grab a package as soon as you have enough Bonds on your account. Click to redeem a Bond in your inventory. Choose to redeem it for membership, and you’ll be given the three available packages – Bronze, Silver or Gold. Choose your favourite, confirm your choice and you’re in! Welcome to the club.

Why am I getting 4 spins a day?

Players who purchased Gold packages last year may have a short overlap of spin bonuses, resulting in an extra spin from the old package and another extra spin from the new one. This will end when your last membership package expires, and you’ll go back to 3 spins until this Premier package expires.

I’m trying to find the VIP world for my language (not EN), but it’s not there!

There is one VIP world on EN servers only. If you normally play on a localised world, you’ll need to play in English to enjoy the VIP server.

Doesn’t the Chat badge look like a PMod Crown? I don’t want to get confused between them!

PMods who purchase the Premier Club Gold package will have the option to choose between their normal silver PMod crown, or a silver star badge which will have an 'M' in it. They will still always have a silver icon next to their name, and JMods will always have the Gold crown. Normal players with Gold Premier Club membership will have a blue star badge, with no modifications.

How long will I keep my chat and forum Badge?

The badges will remain useable on your account for the duration of the Premier membership - when it runs out, the badges will be unavailable.

I’m having trouble with payment – help!

Check out the Payment Help Wiki for commonly asked questions and all the help you need!

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