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Disclaimer: We'll continue to add to the FAQ based on questions we receive from you.
On May 4, 2022, we will be changing the price of membership for new members and those who have been unsubscribed for more than 14 days.

RuneScape Shop Items and Services prices will also be changing including Bonds, RuneMetrics, RuneCoins and Treasure Hunter Keys.

I'm already a member. Will my price change?

No. Any existing subscription agreement will be honoured for as long as it remains in effect, in accordance with the agreed Terms and Conditions. This means that you get to keep your existing price if your Membership is maintained.

For example, if you are on a monthly agreement to pay $7.95, you will continue to pay that amount if you maintain your subscription and do not lapse out for more than 14 days. We call this a "Grandfather Rate" and we're delighted to honour these for our loyal members.

When will prices for New Memberships and Shop Items change?

On May 4, 2022, the prices of new Membership plans will be changing. RuneScape Shop Items and Services prices will also be changing on this date.

Why are you changing prices for New Memberships and Shop Items?

We regularly review pricing to determine if any changes are needed as we continue to invest in the future of RuneScape and Old School RuneScape.

In the last 4 years, we have seen rising development costs, inflationary rises globally and fluctuations between international currencies. Today’s changes reflect this.

If I subscribe before May 4, 2022, will my price change on that day?

No. Any new Membership plans started before May 4, 2022 will not be subject to a rate change. The Membership must be maintained and not lapse for more than 14 days to retain your rate as per our "Grandfather Rate" initiative explained above.

If I have a standard 12-Month Membership, will I automatically receive the rewards and benefits of the 12-Month Premier Membership on May 4, 2022?

No. The Premier Membership is a new plan. You can subscribe to Premier Membership at any time after May 4, 2022 to gain the benefits of Premier Membership – any Membership from your previous 12-Month plan will stack and not be lost.

If you subscribed to Membership via a Mobile Platform, you will need to cancel your existing Membership before you can purchase Premier Membership.

Will I be able to choose the 3-Month Membership plan anymore?

No. Due to a lack of popularity, the 3-Month Membership plan will be retired on May 4, 2022. However existing 3-Month Membership plans will be honoured beyond this date - but will not be available if your Membership lapses for more than 14 days or if you choose another Membership Plan.

Can I still buy Membership with Bonds, and will the cost be changing?

Yes, you are still able to claim 14 Days Membership with a single Bond either purchased or acquired through gameplay. RuneScape Shop Items including Bonds have changed. Please see the News Post for details.

What’s happening to Premier Club?

All the great benefits of Premier Club will now be available through Premier Membership.

As Premier Membership is always available, Premier Club has now been retired. Any existing Premier Club Memberships will continue until they expire.

What will happen to my ‘grandfathered’ Membership rate?

Your ‘grandfathered’ rate will be honoured. We will continue to honour the player’s current membership rate provided the subscription is maintained and doesn’t lapse for more than 14-days.

My region’s price changes seem to not be at the same rate as other regions. Why are there differences?

One of the reasons for the pricing change is to account for internal currency fluctuations since our last modifications in 2018. These fluctuations are why the changes vary from currency to currency.

What is Premier Membership?

The 12-Month Premier Membership offer is now always available and replaces the Premier Club bi-annual promotional offer.

Premier Membership is RuneScape’s new 12-Month Membership offered up to a 45% discount compared to subscribing monthly. For RuneScape accounts, there’s also a host of instant rewards and monthly benefits included in the subscription.

Will you continue updating Premier Membership with new benefits every year like you did for Premier Club?

Yes! We will continue to refresh Premier Membership on a yearly basis with new rewards, just like how Premier Club used to work.

What comes with Membership?

RuneScape and Old School Membership gets you loads of new skills, hundreds of new quests, and access to all the best content in the game.

12-month Premier Membership is our best value offer:

  • Up to a 45% discount off standard monthly subscription for Old School and RuneScape accounts

  • And Instant rewards and monthly benefits*:

  • DawnForged Armour Set

  • Sol The Unicorn Pet

  • Vault Access

  • Free Boss Instance

  • 100 Bank Spaces

  • 1 Month of Double Keys

  • Premier Artifact

  • Extra Daily Key

  • VIP World Access

  • Premier Pass

  • Runemetrics Pro Discount

  • * Rewards and benefits are for RuneScape game and do not apply to Old School RuneScape.

    Why are you restricting Treasure Hunter Purchases to over 18s?

    In line with the UK Government request, we have voluntarily restricted the purchase of Treasure Hunter Keys to over 18s.

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