Pearl is free?

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So, if you check out the marketplace in game, Pearl (the unicorn pet) is listed as "FREE!" but if you click on her to buy her, it says I don't have enough runecoin. If you find pearl in the pets interface I believe she has a cost. Is her being listed as "Free!" a bug or what?

24-Aug-2021 02:07:02

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Yep this is a bug and does cost runecoins.

If you have sufficient runecoins and click get Pearl, it will charge you despite it saying it's free.
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24-Aug-2021 02:10:43

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Theres supposed to be a "coldfix" happening soon to change it back to normal:

ModáAlexáS said:
Hey Adam, thanks :)

A hotfix went out last night at around 16:00 BST to prevent players from claiming the Pearl pet as it was incorrectly listed as free, and was deducting 156 RuneCoins from players

It's still listed as free, but if you'll receive a message that "You do not have enough RuneCoins" if you attempt to claim it.

We're hoping that a coldfix will go out soon to resolve this
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24-Aug-2021 23:11:27

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