earning runecoins scam

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its a slow process, that is why i suggest earning in game gold.. buy bond.. get 195 rc.

very simple.

i had good luck years ago but last few times i decided i could make i game gold faster.

maybe try that?
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20-Jul-2021 05:18:20



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I made up a Pay Pal account years ago. I make payments through them. You can even add money on the account and they will hold it for you for future purchases. I never did that, but I know others who have. Every month they put maybe $10.00 up to $50.00 (I think you can add any amount you want) each month and let it build. They say it comes in handy at the end of the month when your bank account is low on funds and you want to buy that all important item. You can use Pay Pal on any website that offers it as a payment source. RS offers Pay Pal.

31-Jul-2021 08:04:55

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Ive done survey after survey after survey etc....from the Jagex billing page. Never have I recieved a single thing.

*Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.*

Fortunately, I never made it twice.
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27-Nov-2021 00:23:45

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